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10 POC Musical Artists you should add to your Summer Playlists!

As you make your playlists to get you through the summer heat and get you in the party and relaxed mood, here are some artists of color whose music and artistry you should consider adding to your summer playlist!

  1. KiDi

KiDi (Image via Pinterest)

KiDi usually composes love songs, but his songs also convey hope, belief in time and ways to reduce stress. From “Say you love” through “Enjoyment” to “Touch It,” KiDi urges people to make use of the time on their hands not only for working and being productive but to also take care of themselves by having fun and enjoying nature’s gift of life, friendship, and love. His Music style is great for summer rides to the beach and lightweight gatherings with tones of joy, happiness, and appreciation. Start by checking out his newest release, “Touch it,” for some good vibes.

2. Tems

People know Tems for her unique voice. Her deep voice adds a soothing vibe to her songs. Through her collaborations with Wizkid and others, Tems has established a fanbase that loves songs that evoke confidence in one’s physical qualities. Her songs “Essence (with Wizkid)” and “Try me” promote originality and perseverance, among other values. Her music is great for getting you into the summer mood before heading out or just getting you to enjoy your own company this summer.

3. BTS

The South Korean boy band debuted in 2013 and has since won the hearts of many. They are currently smashing records in America with their hit songs “Butter,” “Dynamite,” and several others. The group’s hallmark is preaching self-love, respect for one another, and trusting time. Not only do their songs boost the mood to get the work done, but they also put one in a “work hard, play harder” mood with their unique verses, dance, and aesthetics. Their songs are great for anything positive because their messages are always straight to the point, for everybody, and call all people to dance their way!

4. Lady Du & DBN Gogo

These South African women have made waves with their musical style and addictive beats.

DBN Gogo (via

The two have produced several Amapiano hits that have made people feel the urge to dance. Their songs merit soft, sharp, and melodious grooves. With the rise in the world’s appreciation for the beautiful amapiano genre, it is great to include some songs from these women to get you into the summer mood. Their songs are great for long rides, hanging out with your crew, or just being alone making a turn or two.

5. Curtis Roach

Curtis Roach (Via

With Curtis’s “Bored In The House,” social distancing and staying home in the summer of 2021 was a little bearable for music lovers. Curtis’s “Bored In The House” song went viral and attracted Tyga’s attention, which eventually led to a collaboration between the two artists on the song. His music has unique beats and switches between different singing and rapping styles. His music is great for road trips, relaxing afternoons, hangouts, and as always, for a “me time.”

6. Chloe x Halle

Chloe x Halle (via Wall Street Journal)

People know the iconic sister singing duo for its unique touch on the RnB genre for the younger generation. Their music is suitable for almost anything! Their vocals are no joke, their stage presence is one for the books, and their messages soothe the soul. In addition to their music, they make covers of the songs of several of your favorite artists. Why not check them out? You never know how much you are going to love this duo.

7. Ebony Reigns

Ebony Reigns (via

Her songs are upbeat, most of them being energetic and danceable. She combines reggae with afrobeat and invents her version of the two genres in each of her songs. Her husky voice makes her music stand out from all other music you have probably heard, and her beautiful adlibs make the songs ten times more pleasing. If you want something between afrobeat, reggae, and dancehall, then definitely check her music out! You can start by listening to her songs “Dancefloor” and “Sponsor” to get your summer started right.

8. NCT

NCT (via

Their music makes you feel rich! They have several vocalists, rappers, and dancers who make music that puts people on their feet. If you are working this summer (or taking a vacation), listen to some NCT songs for energy recharge! Start by listening to their song “Regular,” which maximizes appetite for the bag and living not only within one’s means but working extra hard to live beyond one’s means. Their music has special instrumentals, breaks, and vocal switches that light up the room or wherever you will be listening to them!

9. Tayc

Tayc is a lyricist, and his music has no specific genre. He is a versatile artist whose music gets you in the feels even if you do not understand what he is saying. His songs are great for romantic settings, road trips, and anything good! Where to start? Check out his song N’Y Pense Plus, and I guarantee you will not only fall in love with his beautiful voice but his aura and his vibes in general!

10. Raveena

Aurora Raveena’s voice is very calm and soothing. She experiments with several genres of music and makes the best out of the music genres. If you want a soft touch to your ears on a sweet afternoon or evening, check out Raveena’s music.

She lets the music sit with the instrumentals, and she hesitates with ending her songs, which is one thing I love about her music. If you are looking for a place to start, check out her 2020 song “Headaches.”

With these ten dope artists in your playlist, I doubt you’d skip any song!

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