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A platform for all

Ashley Akunna is the host and creator of “The Grapevine”, a youtube show where discussions amongst black people to teach and uplift are had. The web series started as a platform to amplify black voices that were unheard. Over the years, youtube views and subscribers have brought them success. Today they have 192,000 followers. The show sets itself apart by highlighting the intersections of black voices, giving a platform to queer black people, speaking on the African diaspora, and touching on social issues amongst all black people.

Viewers watch The Grapevine for the awareness their episodes bring. Even if they disagree with the discussions, they can still learn from the opinions of others. The conversations of the show are unfiltered, allowing them to speak honestly with each other. The cast is chosen based on their knowledge of the subject and where they stand on the issue, allowing them to hear new perspectives.

Her channel is a good form of entertainment and education. The content she produces is centered around honest conversations from black people of different backgrounds. Viewers can see themselves in the cast while being educated on a variety of topics which helps to make the show relatable.

What makes the show is its goal for cast members to have different opinions. Bringing in their unique ideas and leading to collaborative discussions that can open up new parts of their conversation.

Ashley Akunna has created a space where everyone can benefit. No matter sexual orientation or gender, all black people can be in the discussion. The Grapevine is a space for black people to freely and honestly discuss important matters.

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