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A study on the Digitalization of Fashion

Fashion is taking over the digital/online world! From AI and trying on clothes virtually to online shops. Physical stores and the whole process of buying clothes in person will be minute sooner or later. A lot of people have probably used digitalized fashion once in a while. Out with the old and in the new, digitalization in fashion is changing the way in big ways.

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It states on Seamly that “Consumer personalization is one of the biggest benefits of integrating digital assets into company processes.” This means that digital fashion and the personalization that it comes with help both the business and the consumer. If you are looking at ways to try out fashion online, hear a couple of the most popular ways!

The first and most popular is Virtual Try-on which means that you use 3-D technology to try on different brands and styles of clothing that the company has. One company that has this down to the science is 3DLOOK. It states on that “3DLOOK allows online shoppers to create a custom avatar by submitting 2-D photos.” Through this, it saves people the time of going into shops and spending hours searching for the right clothes. With this, all you have to do is create your avatar then they receive customized fit and sizing recommendations just for you. The only downside is that they might have your desired brand, so you must stick with a different one.

Virtual Try-on saves people the hassle of knowing what will look good and fit. You also don’t have to wait for a fitting room to become available with this. Another common way is social commerce and shoppable posts, people are seeing this method of all ages. It’s from shops that either only have an online shop or have both a physical and online shop. Shoppable posts are through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where shops set up an account so customers can buy from there. CFDA states that “Selling via social channels leverages the influence and reach of social interactions.” The majority of shops and stores have an online presence, whether on social media or having an online shop. It is becoming more normal for stores to have an online presence since everything is now online

Personalization in shopping is another way that brands are using more of a digitalized fashion approach. Customers want a personalized, true-to-you way of shopping because they want clothes they will love and keep. According to, it states that “Users take a style quiz when they sign up to the platform and the more they interact with the platform.” This is from a brand named The Yes, but many other companies also have this special feature. Having people take the quiz, then showing them clothes that align with what they answered is one way to give people a personalized way of shopping.

Also on CFDA, it states that “Consumers are willing to share their personal data to ensure they get a more personalized experience.” Everyone is looking for a more personal and easier way to shop for clothes. There are many ways stores can ease the customer's stress and make it more personal. Digitalized fashion is here to stay and will be bigger and better in the years to come. It is never too late to try if you haven’t hopped on the trend to try digitalized fashion. The online world is taking over fashion in good ways. Some of these things will take time to get used to, but they will leave you amazed.


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