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Boosting Body Confidence

Body confidence is something that a lot of women and even men struggle with no matter the age. People have been struggling with body confidence for decades and are still a problem still today. While body confidence is something that is uniquely different for each woman and man. And there isn’t a real “solution” to being more confident in your body, there are some ways that might help you.

Body confidence is something that is talked about more in women than men but everyone struggles with it. The first thing you need to gain more confidence in your own body is to stop comparing yourself and your body to other people around you. When we compare ourselves to other people, we will be more confident in who we are. It will be the exact opposite, we will point out more flaws in our bodies and struggle even more. We need to stop comparing ourselves and love ourselves more, we are all different and unique in so many beautiful ways. It states in Hello Magazine, “You are never going to look like anyone else, so stop the comparison.”

Another way that will help you be more body confident is to surround yourself with those who make feel good about yourself and love you for who you are. When we surround ourselves with friends and family who love us who matter what, then we will feel better about who we are and love ourselves as others do.

The opposite also applies, when we surround ourselves with people who are constantly saying things about us or have a negative influence on us, then we will start to feel like we aren’t enough and struggle even more. As reported in Hello Magazine, that “And if anyone has concerns with how you look, they’re not worthy of being in your life.” We need to block out people in our lives who are not cheering us on and loving us, you don’t need friends like that around us.

Additionally, you can be more body confident by stopping going and weighing yourself all the time. You don’t have to keep weighing yourself on the scale every day, you can occasionally go on the scale if needed but only once in a while. Or to take a step even further, don’t buy a scale just out of whim, a scale isn’t an essential item you need.

When you stop weighing yourself, look at the numbers, and beat yourself for either gaining or losing weight, then you will truly see a difference in your confidence. Per Psychology Today, states that “If you want to improve your health, you can do this without the help of those scales.” If you want to make a change, go move and get outside no matter what it is. Just do something that you love to do.

The last and probably most important thing to help yourself is to take care of your body. Our bodies are a part of us, which means that we need to do everything that we can to take care of every single day. We need to take care of our bodies just like it is a friend or family member.

There are so many ways that you can start but the key thing is to do something that shows your body that you care every day. As stated in Psychology Today, “Don’t say anything unkind about it. Lift it with words and praise.”

Everyone is different and while some things may work some people and not others because of various reasons. We all need to remember that we are all unique and special, be kind, and don’t compare ourselves. We are all going through our own things and no one is alone. We need to love each other and ourselves more!

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