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Dominique Fishback Deserves More

Prabal Gurung Fall 2020

The Oscars excluded an irreplaceable part of 5 times nominated film, Judas and The Black Messiah staring LaKeith Stanfield, Daniel Kaluuya, and Dominique Fishback as the leading roles. Receiving nominations for, Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best cinematography, and two nominations for best-supporting Actors.

The two supporting actor nominations were delegated to Stanfield and Kaluuya, leaving the

captivating Fishback without a nomination. Fishback’s performance as Deborah Johnson was astounding. Without Fishback, the film wouldn’t be what it is. She plays an integral character, Deborah Johnson, the Fiance to Chairman Fred Hampton. She brings the chemistry between actors back to the screen while also holding her own in powerful solo scenes shouldering the weight of carrying chairman Hampton’s child.

Without her, viewers would not be able to see Fred Hampton’s ideas and thoughts on his own family. Fishback stands out in every scene, not only in Judas and The Black Messiah but in the majority of film and television appearances made by Fishback, making her unforgettable in her performances.

Fishback is a dedicated actress who truly embodies her characters. With her role as Deborah Johnson, she “made poems about every moment they had, such as their first kiss. I named his dimples in some of the poems. So I really went into the emotional world of the characters”. No one would see these poems unless they worked on the set. Fishback created a separate world for her character and Hampton through poetry.

Most actors do not have the creative ability to channel their characters through poetry. Fishback embodies acting as an art form. With every performance, Fishback shows the world her artistry

With her talent, I feel that Fishback deserves a nomination and an award for her performance. Her male counterparts both received supporting nominations. While either could be made the main character leaving room for Fishback. Dominique Fishback is a black actress who deserves to win an Oscar.


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