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Flo Milli: The Next IT Girl

Photo -Youtube

With the massive amount of success, female hip-hop has grown to a great amount of commercial success. Flo Milli is no exception simply because she has truly come into the game with her own unique style and flavor. Check out why Flo Milli is making her mark within the industry.

  1. Her Flow: Flo Milli has a unique cadence and style simply because she does not have the average aggressive or deep voice that most female rappers have, making her stand out.

  2. Her Sound: The rapper received a lot of traction once her song “Beef FloMix” hit the music scene and immediately drew listeners in. Her sound is extremely youthful and out of the box with her choices in melodies, beats, and vocals.

  3. Her Visuals: The creative direction Flo Milli has been going in as an artist has become something fans will be looking out for a lot more now. Her latest video for her single “Roaring 20s” paid homage to the era of blaxploitation films, which is something many artists have not dived into. She is continuing to push the envelope and use her unique style to her advantage.

  4. Her Look: It is no shocker that colorism is extremely prevalent within the hip-hop community and that whether we like it or not, it plays a part for some of our favorite artists. With Flo Milli being a dark skinned woman in hip-hop and becoming such a success, it gives young girls who also look like her hope and shows the realities of colorism in the industry as one of few successful dark skin women in hip-hop.

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