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From Screen to Wardrobe: Exploring the Fashion Influences of 'Only Murders in the Building'

As television continues to evolve, it has become more than just a medium for storytelling; it has also become a powerful influencer in the world of fashion. One show that has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts is ‘Only Murders in the Building’. This Hulu series has not only captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline, but it has also made a significant impact on fashion trends. In this article, we will delve into the fashion influences of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ and examine how costume design plays a crucial role in character development.

The Impact of Television on Fashion Trends

Television has long been a source of inspiration for fashion trends. From iconic shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘Sex and the City’, to current favorites like ‘Emily in Paris’, television has the power to shape the way we dress. The characters we see on screen become style icons, and their fashion choices influence the masses. ‘Only Murders in the Building’ is no exception. With its mix of mystery, crime, and comedy, the show has captured the attention of viewers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Costume design is an essential aspect of any television show. It helps create a visual identity for the characters and adds depth to their personalities. In ‘Only Murders in the Building’, the costume design team has done an exceptional job of bringing the characters to life through their fashion choices. Each character has a distinct style that reflects their personality and role in the story. Whether it’s Mabel’s eclectic and quirky outfits or Charles’ refined and sophisticated attire, the fashion influences in the show are undeniable.

Costume Design and Its Role in Character Development

Costume design goes beyond just creating visually appealing outfits; it plays a vital role in character development. The clothing choices of the characters in ‘Only Murders in the Building’ provide insights into their backgrounds, motivations, and even their secrets. For example, Mabel’s vintage-inspired wardrobe reflects her love for nostalgia and her desire to stand out. On the other hand, Charles’ polished suits convey his wealth and status. These subtle details in costume design add depth to the characters and enhance the overall storytelling experience.

The main characters in ‘Only Murders in the Building’ each have a unique style that sets them apart. Let’s take a closer look at their fashion choices and what they reveal about their characters:


Mabel, played by Selena Gomez, is known for her eclectic and unconventional style. She effortlessly combines vintage pieces with modern trends, creating a look that is uniquely her own. Her fashion choices reflect her independent and free-spirited nature, as well as her love for all things vintage. Mabel’s fashion influences can be seen in the rise of vintage-inspired clothing and accessories among fashion-forward individuals. Not to mention, her style is a reflection of her mature isolated personality. Clearly, she prefers selective company, as she only tolerates certain people in her age range, But she becomes instant friends with Charles and Oliver through their true crime. For her, it’s about energy, not being seen by everyone, yet so alluring. It’s utilized as an attractive guard, look but you’ve been warned. “It’s a lot. Don’t come to this city if you don’t like it a lot.”


Charles, portrayed by Steve Martin, exudes sophistication and elegance through his wardrobe. He is often seen in tailored suits, crisp shirts, and polished shoes. Charles’ style reflects his refined taste and attention to detail. His fashion influences can be seen in the resurgence of classic menswear and the popularity of tailored silhouettes. Just like Mabel, he lives a life in solitude, except his style is about being recognized for his previous success as Charles Hayden Savage, a tough detective in “Brazzos.” Where he comes off as busy and irritable like you should have a script before you say anything to him, a desire connection makes him fold, no matter how many times he’s been rejected. His style begs to be approached, but not too close. “I am alone, doesn’t mean that I’m lonely."


Oliver, played by Martin Short, is the comedic relief of the show, and his fashion choices reflect his flamboyant personality. He embraces bold colors, patterns, and accessories, creating a vibrant and eccentric look. Oliver’s fashion influences can be seen in the growing trend of maximalist fashion and the willingness to experiment with bolder styles. As a playwright, his bigger-than-life and pushy demeanor shines through in his wardrobe as he strives for a comeback on the Broadway stage, but he will not accept anything less than perfection in his art, including the podcast. “Can you not see this coat?!” 

Exploring the Fashion Choices of Selena Gomez in the Series

Selena Gomez, both a talented actress and a fashion icon, brings her own personal style to her character, Mabel, in ‘Only Murders in the Building’. Known for her fashion-forward choices on and off the screen, Gomez’s fashion influences are evident in the series. Her collaboration with the costume design team has resulted in outfits that perfectly capture Mabel’s eclectic and quirky personality. From vintage-inspired dresses to statement accessories, Gomez’s fashion choices in the show have resonated with fans and have had a significant impact on current fashion trends.

The influence of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ on real-world fashion cannot be denied. The show’s unique blend of mystery, comedy, and fashion has captured the attention of viewers and inspired them to incorporate elements of the characters’ style into their own wardrobes. From the rise of vintage-inspired fashion to the popularity of statement accessories and bold color choices, the fashion influences of the show have permeated the real-world fashion scene.

The Connection Between Mystery/Crime Shows and Fashion

Mystery and crime shows have always had a strong connection to fashion. The allure of the unknown, the intrigue of the characters, and the desire to solve the puzzle all contribute to the fascination with the fashion choices in these shows. ‘Only Murders in the Building’ is a prime example of how fashion can be used as a storytelling tool in the mystery genre. The characters’ fashion choices not only add visual interest but also provide subtle hints and clues to the plot.

The rise of streaming platforms like Hulu has revolutionized the way we consume television shows and, subsequently, the way we engage with fashion influences. With the ability to binge-watch an entire season in one sitting, viewers are now more immersed in the world of the show and its fashion than ever before. The instant accessibility of fashion information, from outfit details to behind-the-scenes insights, has led to a greater interest in incorporating television-inspired fashion into our own lives.

The Lasting Impact of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ on Fashion and Television

‘Only Murders in the Building’ has not only entertained audiences with its compelling storyline and talented cast but has also made a lasting impact on the world of fashion. Through its captivating characters and their unique fashion choices, the show has influenced current style trends and inspired viewers to embrace their own individuality. As television continues to evolve, we can expect to see more shows like ‘Only Murders in the Building’ that not only entertain but also shape the way we dress. So, next time you watch your favorite show, pay attention to the fashion influences; you might just discover your next style inspiration.


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