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Gear Up For NYFW 2023

Christopher Burns (@Christopher_Burns)

New York fashion week is one of the most exciting and fast-paced events. Thousands of models and designers travel from across the globe to attend, taking place twice a year in February and September. New York fashion week contends with London, Paris, and Milan, also known as the Big four. The big four are the fashion capitals, where designers and models flock given the opportunity.

The designers of NYFW 2023 are some new and returning faces. To familiarize yourself with them, we’ll take a dive into what this year has in store.

Starting off the show will be Kate and Laura Mulleavy representing Rodarte. Their new collection will premier on Friday, February 10th. Rodarte is set apart by their connection as sisters, with a focus on storytelling in their creative pursuits. The pair work as designers, writers, and directors. They combine two creative fields to create unique clothing from concepts and stories.

A staple in Paris Fashion week since 2011, Thom Browne returns to NYFW after being appointed to a new role. On January first, 2023, Browne was appointed the chairman of the CFDA. His iconic grey suit and the unisex skirt are his signatures, with his dedication and commitment to fashion showing through all his works. Browne first joined the CFDA in 2005, earning many prestigious awards and serving on numerous CFDA fashion committees. His passion shines in all aspects of his life, from his designs to how he interacts with his community. This year will make his first show under his new role. Thom Browne will present his collection on Valentine’s Day.

A European brand known for breaking gender norms, Palomo Spain, will also be presenting their designs on the 13th of February. Many artists such as Beyonce, Rosalia, Paco Leon, and Miley Cyrus have worn Palomo Spain.

Laquan Smith will be closing the show on the 13th, presenting his womenswear. Smith’s designs revolve around his fascination and respect for women in his life, stemming from the unconditional support he received from his mother and grandmother.

At only 13 years old, Langston Howard will debut in his first NYFW. His brand, The Top is created by using motivational quotes and images from people he looks up to. Howard creates hats, masks, hoodies, and shirts. Howard uses these images to motivate himself and his consumers. Howard is one of the youngest black designers this year, representing his hometown Detroit.

To see more designers and times of appearance, see the CFDA’s Official New York Fashion Week Calendar. The calendar will show presentations, events, and runway shows.

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