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Honing Your Intuitive skills

Humans possess the ability to feel when certain events have or are going to occur. Often called a hunch or a gut feeling, intuition is a powerful tool that protects you. When you tap into your intuition, you increase your chances of avoiding undesirable outcomes. While also becoming more aware.

Based on research done by Leeds University, intuition is a psychological process. The brain collects past experiences, emotions, and sensory memory to form intuition. Whether you work on your intuition or not, it exists in all of us. Strengthening your intuition will ease worries, build self-confidence, and helps you analyze those around you.

To hone your intuitive skills start listening to your first thought or gut feeling when in an uncomfortable space. If you have trouble trusting that, try these tips to increase your intuition.

Due to intuition being born from memories and emotions. Learning from your past will help you further build your intuition. Examining negative experiences will allow you to identify situations you should avoid. Those experiences will hold cues from your body, inner thoughts, and surroundings, allowing you to make better decisions in the future. When you learn from your past, your intuition grows by building upon those cues your body makes when something is going to happen.

Although our intuition is silent and more often felt, there are ways to interpret its meaning. Practicing silent meditation can help. During meditation, you can listen attentively to your intuition. To get more in tune with your intuition, try closing your eyes, clearing your mind, and slowly taking deep breaths. You can also do this during stressful times to find a solution or to calm down. Not only will your intuition increase when you meditate, but you will also benefit from how meditation can clear the mind.

One of the most prevalent signs of intuition is a gut feeling. Research has shown that the stomach has a network of neurons known as the enteric nervous system (ENS). ENS is often why in intense situations, you may feel sick. These feelings are induced by fear or having to make difficult decisions. Your emotions and intuition are given a voice through your gut. Putting faith in your natural internal feelings may lead you to the right choice.

Intuition is affected by overwhelming feelings. Decisions made with negative thoughts hardly lead to positive outcomes. Deciding to let resentment and sorrow go can be a tumultuous process, but working through those feelings will allow your intuition to blossom. The Annual Review of Psychology shows that with a clear mind, people tend to make better choices intuitively.

Honing your intuition will help you avoid adverse circumstances. A high level of intuition allows you to read people. This ability to read thoughts or emotions comes from our daily interactions. You may not actively do it, but our brains pick up on tone, volume, body language, and gestures. These details are what help you recognize if someone is dangerous. This form of intuition can help loved ones that hide their problems. When you’re able to pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others, you can lead with more confidence in your romantic and everyday relationships.

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