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Insecure: Season 5 Episode 1 Review

Last night was the season five premiere of Insecure, the finale season.

If you can recall, the final episode of season four left us all with our jaws dropped to the floor.

Season Four Recap:

Photo by Joseph Ngabo on Unsplash

Issa found out that Lawrence had gotten Condola pregnant! Yes, Issa and Lawrence weren’t together at the time, but it still hurt knowing that they were on the verge of getting back together. I mean, they were going on dates and actually smiling together again.

Issa also had some trouble maintaining her relationship with Molly last season. Molly felt like Issa’s life was one big mess and that the ongoing drama was all her fault. After their big argument at Issa’s Block Party, it seemed like they’d never get back to where they were. But right before the credits rolled last season, Molly and Issa met back up at the Ethiopian restaurant to talk.

Molly and Andrew have been dating since season three. After meeting at Coachella, through Issa’s bae Nathan, their relationship has been up and down ever since. During the last few episodes, it really seemed to be getting somewhere. Unfortunately, Andrew broke things off with Molly after noticing her need to control everything.

So what happened last night? (Spoiler Alert.)

The premiere episode started with Issa’s class reunion. We got to see what everyone was up to and if anything had changed.


For years I didn’t like Molly. I felt like she was too judgmental when it came to Issa’s problems. Not only with Issa but in her relationship as well. That’s the reason she and Andrew had problems in the beginning. She pretended to have it all together while judging the ones around her for making human mistakes. But if I have to be honest, I find this season’s Molly likable so far. She has taken time off to work on herself and be present. I like that she is taking a look at herself in the mirror for once and is starting to take accountability for her actions. Who knows? This season we may actually like Molly for once.

Issa & Molly

It’s still awkward between Issa and Molly in the beginning. Although they were seen trying to mend their friendship during the closing of last season, you can tell that not much has changed at first. After being robbed together at gunpoint, things begin to change.

Issa & Lawrence

As the episode closes out, Issa is sitting in the passenger seat of a car. At first, you can’t tell who is driving the vehicle, but as the camera shifts over, it shows Lawrence in the driver’s seat. They create small talk as they pull up to Issa’s apartment, and both get out. It’s easily noticeable that something is weighing heavy on Issa’s mind. Lawrence, not so much. As Lawrence walks up to Issa, she looks unsure of what to do or say. “Should we,” he asks. Motioning his head toward the apartment. “Lawrence, I had a chance to — to think, and to um,” she tries to explain.

It leaves us all wondering what’s really on Issa’s mind.

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