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Insecure: Season 5 Episode 2 Review

“Growth, Okay?!”

One year later.


Molly wakes up on the right side of the bed this season. During this episode, you can honestly see the growth in her character. She even seems to be sporting a new look — a shaved head. For many women, a shaved head has a significant meaning, whether it be confidence, a spontaneous spark of creativity, or a new beginning. For Molly, I see this as a new beginning. I see her making an effort to focus on who she is and reevaluate herself.

Molly is back on the dating apps. But instead of reverting to her old ways, she takes a new approach. The camera zooms up close to her phone, showing her old dating profile. “Looking for serious partners. Must be successful, fit, one degree (two preferred), with NO KIDS. If you are not that, please swipe left,” it reads. She erases the words, thinking back to how old Molly would present herself. During her last scene, it shows her on a date with a new man. Let’s see how this turns out.

Molly & Issa

The opening scene shows Issa’s blank calendar flood with errands as the year continues. There is a picture of Issa & Molly that never seems to go away next to the to-do list. I believe that this is the shows indication that their relationship continued to stand firm throughout that year. From watching this episode myself, it looks like Molly and Issa have moved past their rough patch and have embarked on a much healthier, stronger relationship. I also feel like there is a full-circle moment when you notice that Molly is leaning on Issa for support a bit more than usual. For instance, in past seasons, you would rarely see Molly spend the night at Issa’s place, but Issa comments on last night’s episode. “You got me my pillow,” Molly says. “Yeah, if you’re going to keep spending the night, I want you to be comfortable,” Issa replies.

Issa’s Career

Issa has been working hard this season, okay! She went from hosting her first block party to putting together a plethora of events. Not only is she a whole entrepreneur out here, but she is also helping with the budding career of a new local designer. Crenshawn, played by actor Kofi Siriboe, is a new designer looking to gain more exposure through Issa’s event.

I look forward to seeing what Kofi Siriboe can bring to the show.

Issa’s Relationship

Last night’s episode didn’t spend too much time on Issa’s relationship, but we did get a glimpse of Nathan. It was revealed that he’s now in a relationship of his own. Although Issa and Nathan have only remained friends this year, Issa asks Nathan to spend the night during the last scene. While lying next to Nathan, Issa breaks down into tears. “I’m sorry, I thought I was — I thought I was ready,” she says. Nathan looks unsure of what to do. A few moments later, Issa falls asleep. She then wakes up to the sound of a door shutting. He was gone.


Issa has been in search of love for seasons. I love watching her blossom in her career and grow as the entrepreneur she was born to be. Lawrence is now a father, Nathan is in a relationship, and who knows what Daniel is doing. I predict that by the end of the season, Issa will remain single. As difficult as that is for some fans to hear, I think that Issa will find love in her career, the very thing she’s been working for since Season 1.


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