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Issue 17 Out Now

This Month's Artists to Invest In

Miles Regis

Regis is a Trinidadian born painter, currently based in LA. Regis uses denim, buttons, leather, sequins, and patches to accompany his abstract paintings. He uses mixed media art to convey themes of loss, freedom, activism, and living history. Regis paints bold hues, abstract patterns, and human figures to relate exotic cultures and history to modern times.

Yes Girl, 2019 (Acrylic, Spray Paint On Canvas, Collage) $18,000

Bae and Boo, 2018 (Acrylic, Oil, Oil Pastel, Colored Pencil)

Adrian Armstrong by Megan Baker

Adrian Armstrong

Through his commitment to the use of a ballpoint pen, Adrian Armstrong’s work stands out amongst the rest. Born in Omaha Nebraska, Armstrong is a multidisciplinary artist, utilizing drawing, painting, installation, and sound to document the experiences of black people. His most recent work on the black experience is a personal solo exhibition, “There are Black People in Nebraska” presented in Austin, housed in Big Medium’s studio. Armstrong’s work draws heavily from lived experiences, he takes shared black experiences and paints them in a new light.

Kennedi Carter

A photographer primarily focusing on black subjects, Kennedi Carter works to highlight the aesthetics and sociopolitical aspects of black life. She taps into the black experience by capturing skin, texture, trauma, peace, love, and community. In 2020 Carter photographed Beyoncé for the December cover of Vogue, making her the youngest person to shoot the publication's cover at 21.

Sydney Vernon

Sydney Vernon is another artists transforming unique black experiences into art. She combines family photographs folklore, she uses real and imaginative stories to further explore the black experience. Her mediums consist of painting, drawing, and collage. Vernon is currently represented by the Kapp Kapp gallery in New York and will have a solo exhibit there this fall.

Amanda Flowers

Amanda Flowers uses her art to remind children to be open-minded about the world. She believes that art can push people past their own personal boundaries and limitations. Flowers promotes individuality, positivity, and knowledge. In order to create such bold figures using the black human body, she explores different perspectives and ideals to paint beyond her own experiences.

Ojo Ayotunde

Ojo Ayotunde is a contemporary artists based in Lagos Nigeria. His work has been placed in many esteemed collections throughout America. Ayotunde uses art to express his thoughts on various social and political issues. He channels his emotions into charcoal, oil, acrylic, and pastel paints, to create experimental work on the human anatomy, as well as documentation of history that has been forgotten.


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