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Lil Nas X Faces Backlash After his 2021 BET Awards Performance


Lil Nas X has found himself at the top of news headlines following his 2021 BET Awards performance. Viewers around the world were not happy with the singer’s performance on Sunday, June 27th.

Sunday night, the 22-year-old singer performed his latest single, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)”. At the end of the performance, Lil Nas X shared a kiss between him and another male backup dancer.

Lil Nas X came out to the world after his debut song “Old Town Road” was the №1 song in the U.S on billboard charts for months straight.

Rapper and former Love and Hip-Hop reality star, Benzino, took to Instagram to express his thoughts following the singer’s performance. Benzino called the singer’s performance “uncomfortable” and “irresponsible”.

“That sh*t BET pulled yesterday was lame asf,” Benzino wrote. “It was too uncomfortable, too irresponsible, too forced, and too irrelevant to the awards,” he continued. “Homie ain’t even hot like that for music anymore anyway. It’s a shame what all this is coming to. I wish I has the backing to bring the Source Awards back.”

Photo via Twitter.

Benzino has since deleted the post after receiving tons of backlash from members of the black community.

“I bought ol town road for ZINO, he knows every word but all the satanic sh*t I’m just not with,” Benzino added. He questioned how parents were supposed to explain Lil Nas X’s performance to their children while insisting he has “respect and love for the gay community.” He added, “I could see if he was pooping but it was unexpected and unnecessary. I didn’t care for the Madonna kiss either. I could see if they way dating.”

“Now I hope I don’t offend anyone because this post wasn’t meant for that.”

Instagram users also went on to agree with what Benzino had to say, and had no shame in voicing their opinion as well.

Screenshot via Instagram.

Benzino went on to say he was in no way homophobic, and that he had gay friends.

Lil Nas X responded to his critics in a tweet,

Photo via Twitter.

Despite the naysayers, Lil Nas X received praise from celebrities like Diddy and Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert said in an interview with Billboard, “I thought it was hot,” he says with a laugh. “I mean, he’s really giving it to us. I think he is definitely like the gay pop star that is 2021 — he’s bold, he’s controversial, he’s pushing boundaries. That’s what we want our pop stars to do. It’s just taken this long to have it be a gay one.”

Diddy was also one of the celebrities giving the young performer praise for his daring performance Sunday night. Diddy took to Twitter and said, “Lil Nas X did that!! Be fearless!!!”

In the meantime, the bigger topic that needs to be discussed in homophobia within the black community. People should be able to live their lives free of judgement, everyone deserves to be accepted.


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