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New Music Friday: ‘An Evening With Silk Sonic’

Last night Silk Sonic released their highly anticipated debut album, An Evening With Silk Sonic. Here are a few tracks that caught my attention.

“Silk Sonic Intro”

The energy of the introduction feels like being at an actual live event. The count off and the simultaneous claps will surely find a way to get your adrenaline pumping with anticipation.

“One, two, three, four/ Who y’all came to see tonight?/ Who gon’ get the ladies feeling something?/ We gon’ lock this groove in tight/ Don’t have us lock groove down for nothing”

The album is hosted by 70’s musician Bootsy Collins. Not only is Collins a host, but he also named the group. At the end of the intro, Collins mentions his hand in naming the group.

“Well alright/ It is I, Blaster of the Universe/ Bootzilla himself/ Fellas, I hope you got something in your cup/ And ladies? Don’t be afraid/ To make your way to the stage/For a band that I name/ Silk Sonic

Fly As Me”

The third track, “Fly As Me,” is a funky, upbeat jam about the ways of a smooth mack-like player. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak harmonize together during the chorus, but each verse is performed solely by Anderson .Paak.

“Uh, okay, now Silk Sonic smooth like a mack/ Float like a butterfly on every single track/ And the only language that I speak, girl, is facts/ So once I give this game to you, I can’t take it back/ Hollerin’ at you from a 1977 Monte Carlo, hard act to follow/ It’s showtime, tryna boo you up like it’s the Apollo/ Your walk is vicious, let’s get down to business/ You and me together, ooh, that’s somethin’ different”

Fun fact: Big Sean has a writing credit on this track.


The second single, “Skate,” is currently serving its purpose on my playlist right now. In other words, It’s on replay. Anderson . Paak and Bruno Mars serenade the ladies in this midsummer romantic groove.

“In a room full of dimes/ You would be a hundred dollars/ If bein’ fine was a crime/ Girl, they’d lock your lil’ fine a** up in a tower/ The way you move like you do/ Ooh, it’s like you do it for a livin’/ Do a lil’ spin, do it again/ Sh*t, look like you playin’ for the win, oh, baby”

The whole “skate to me,” idea was well thought out. Phrases like “slide your way on over” and “I’m tryna float, I’m tryna glide” fit with the entire album’s 70’s smooth ultra “cool” theme.

“Blast Off”

The final track, “Blast Off,” takes us on a psychedelic trip of sultry vocals and atmospheric sensations. I promise this track will have you seeing colors.

“Oh, let’s tip-toe to a magical place/ Blast off and kiss the moon tonight/ We’ll watch the world go crazy from outer space/Blast off into the sky”

The background vocals and effects truly add layers and depth to the track. The spaceship sounds elevate the entire experience, making it feel otherworldly.

The album closes with a goodbye from the host.

“All the way from the stratosphere/Sendin’ love from up above/ Happy trails, baba”


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