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New Music Friday: My Top Picks

It’s New Music Friday!

Here are my top picks for the week.

Photo by Ilias Chebbi on Unsplash

Majid Jordan — Stars Align featuring Drake

Isn’t it so exciting when artists from the OVO roster collaborate with one another? In 2013 Drake introduced Majid Jordan to the world when featuring them on his now 6x platinum hit “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. Not only were they featured, but they also had a hand in producing alongside “40” and Nineteen85. Now they’re back at it in 2021 with “Stars Align”. A sensual ’80s inspired vibe.

“Stars Align” is produced by Dez Wright and Oz.

Mimi Webb — Halfway

British singer-songwriter Mimi Webb releases “Halfway”, a song about falling out of love with someone you thought you’d be with forever.

“Five years of knowing that you were the one/ Taught me to walk, now I’m ready to run/ Run fast, hold the door, I’m sorry, but I need more/ I can’t believe that I’m getting this close/ Halfway to freedom, I’m halfway to letting you go.”

The thought of being in love with someone for five years and suddenly feeling a change of heart has to be one of the scariest feelings. Especially if the other person still has a deep emotional connection. The guilty thought of wanting to leave must hurt. But honestly, no one is really to blame in this situation. It may be hard to hear, but unfortunately, these things just happen sometimes.

Khalid — Present

We all want a man who’s insightful, attentive and present. Right ladies! Well, Khalid embodies all of that in his latest single.

“I just want to be with you, baby/ Say, the word I’m coming through, baby/ Tell me what I gotta do, baby/ Pulled up to your avenue, baby/ Cruise around town, ride on autopilot/ See it in your eyes I can tell you like it/ Pull up in a Lamb, this is not a hybrid, my love/Give you everything, you get all of my love.”

Being present in a relationship is the bare minimum, but it’s still incredibly important. A relationship without emotional availability isn’t much of a relationship.

Big Sean & Hit-Boy — What A Life

Big Sean shares how life has been for him in the last couple of years.

“Only get one life, swear I almost died twice/ I went triple platinum more than three times, what a life, man/ Feel like God when they bless me with the trick dice/ And I left her a** on read, even though it was enticing/ I ain’t married yet so it’s rocky on my right hand/ And I’m on stage by myself, ain’t with the hype man/ Go ahead then, tell me what your price is/ Mine’s is a hundred B’s, n****, you can’t swipe this.”

Big Sean hasn’t dropped any new music this year, so it’s great to hear his voice over his own beat again. After his Power 106 Los Angeles freestyle, I’ve noticed his name pop up in the top five conversations more frequently. I love seeing him match that energy.


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