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The Benefits of Run Clubs

Running alone has its advantages, such as being on your schedule, running at your pace, and clarity of mind. All the same run clubs possess their usefulness to the welfare of the people that choose to join them.

Running clubs are known for training for competition for sports like cross country, road running, and track and field. Since the early 2000s, running clubs have increased and branched out now running clubs focus on city running for personal health or a cause.

When you’re in a running club, it’s easier to stay on schedule when you have others holding you accountable for showing up. Running clubs usually take place during the week or are held on the weekends. With these set days, running can become easier knowing other people will be there too. (Rogers 2019)

Run clubs offer a sense of community for those involved. They often recruit like-minded people who want to exercise or have another common goal. The benefit of this is the connections that run clubs can make. Running with others in a community setting can lead to a support system, which also helps with the motivation to run and knowing that your friends will be there to encourage you.

Knowledgeable trainers often work with running clubs to benefit how you run and how you take care of yourself after running. A trainer can also display any tips, tricks, or techniques they have about running. They can also improve your breathing techniques, pacing your run, and give you health insight.

There is also an abundance of information that running clubs can give. You can get insight from other runners on topics, from where to eat, shop, get your hair done, or the best places for workout gear. You can get advice on running or any other curiosities you have about your area from fellow runners.

Healthy competition in a run club can be a great way to track progress. Competing against runners who are stronger or are also on the same level is a great way to see how far you’ve come. This competitive edge will allow you to not only push yourself further but also those around you.

Members of a run club can also join major organizations runs for a cause. And programs such as GOTR (Girls On The Run), Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (Lauretta 2019), Team to End Aids, and Back on My Feet (Grotewold) are organizations that hold runs and walks to raise money.

Another attraction to running clubs is the security it gives. Running alone can be dangerous while being with a larger group of people can grant any runner peace of mind. Even if you get injured, there will be someone around to help you.

Running clubs offer vast quantities of reasons to join. Having a large community of people dedicated to their health, who want to run for a cause, support others, and feel secure when running. Those who want to run but find it hard to continue, consider joining a running club to find individuals who share a similar struggle.


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