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Issue 17 Out Now

The Complexion Chronicles: “Destiny”

Photo by Lucas Alves

“The best of both worlds”. That’s a compliment that I receive with ease As I bleed red But all they see is my skin in between. Better for others, Not enough for some. “Between two worlds, I do belong” Nina sang it oppositely But as I said Better for some, not enough for all

Not deep enough for my sisters Too deep for my colleagues The brothers I want to protect tell me I am “darkest” they seek My parent is met with confusion when they introduce me As if they stole me Or lied to their spouse about fidelity I am the product of the “best” of both worlds But no world seems to find the best in me beyond what they see

My lovers are expecting me to offset the damned side Only use it for “attitude” but not too much The influenced side makes me docile Thus acceptable When did I ask to be marginalized in two cats? Is it not the red I bleed? Or my heart’s rhythmic beat that no longer entices? Just what I am expected to be And expected to abandon

In my raising the blindness was fluid No halves or wholes spoke from our lips It might’ve crippled me for the real world’s disdain to keep my peace The pattern of my hair makes me trendy But what made my hair is not I have never met struggle because of the ease I’m greeted with Then tell me why am I conversating this aguish

They pick at me not because I’m half dominant But because I’m half “problematic” I will side with the problematic as they get it done They show me the true ugliness in all But they will have me Because just a slight tint classifies me against my ancestry

But best of worlds? No Be the best in my world My brain, my work, and my flawless punch Can only hold the strongest You wouldn’t want to be left out Because I had the attitude and docility you seek Sit down Because what the best that can be of your world Has exiled you completely


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