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Issue 17 Out Now

The importance behind 'Soul of a Nation.'

Photo Credit-ABC

ABC’s new television series “Soul of A Nation” has created a new agenda that shines a light on all aspects of Black culture.

Whether it is music, spirituality, television, social injustice, diversity and more, this show covers it all in a way for people to understand and absorb multiple perspectives.

The show is important for the community and the culture because it shines a light on everyday people rather than just celebrities to share their real-life experience as Black people in a society that does not make them the main priority.

Through episodes covering various topics, it is easy for viewers to see themselves in other aspects rather than the same things, which is refreshing because that is how people can truly see themselves being represented in the media.

As viewers indulge in this six-part series, they will observe and absorb several perspectives from those who look like them.

This does for the Black community is adding different perspectives into the conversations and including the importance of Black joy when having conversations about how Black people handle what happens within society because it is important to value Black joy.

This show has taken these serious matters within the chaos of the pandemic and social injustice, such as reparations, content stealing, and social injustice, to the forefront.

People are forced to acknowledge these issues and have open and honest dialogue.


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