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The Weeknd Leaves it All On the Stage for the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Photo by - Perry Knotts

The Weeknd made his explosive halftime show debut on Super Bowl Sunday that left fans too excited.

He opened the performance with a recreation of the theme he has used this entire year, which is a night in Vegas. With the bright lights and fast-paced atmosphere, this performance was sure to be electric.

The Weeknd had a massive choir singing his hit song “Call Out My Name,” which symbolized his time has come.

The setlist kicked off hard with his song “Starboy,” surrounded by a massive amount of fireworks, lights and high energy. He performed all of his massive hits such as “The Hills,” “Earned It,” and more.

With his electric dancers' company, the show kept an upbeat energy that had the crowd's attention the entire time, as he closed with his smash hit “Blinding Lights.”

“On the day of the big game, The Weeknd’s collective songs and albums across his entire catalog sold 36,500 copies — up 385% compared to 7,500 sold on Feb. 6,” according to Billboard.

This halftime performance truly solidified The Weeknd’s position within music and shows he is a dedicated student of the game.

“Breaking that down to just song sales vs. album sales. on Feb. 7 he sold 32,500 songs (up 454% from 6,000 on Feb. 6) and 4,000 albums (up 138% from less than 2,000). Most of his sales were generated by the songs he performed during the halftime show, most spectacularly “Blinding Lights.,” according to Billboard.


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