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The Wisdom Behind Moving in Silence

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Growing up, anytime I made progress, got a job or a raise, or reached a new financial milestone, I enthusiastically shared my progress with the world.

Today, I do not announce my progress as I used to, reserving sharing for trusted friends and family, and sometimes not at all.

I used to hear people say move in silence all the time when I was younger but back then it just seemed sneaky to me. As a child, I did not have the experience to comprehend the wisdom behind this statement. Today as an adult, the wisdom behind moving in silence is quite clear to me, and in this article, I will be sharing it with you.

Here is the wisdom behind the advice to move in silence.

Less Resistance

When you move in silence, you arouse significantly less resistance than when you announce your successes and goals to others. By this I mean sharing your progress can stir feeling of negative admiration or jealousy, a normal human emotion that we all have been on both sides of.

lead to sabotage and other forms of resistance against you, which can be very painful. It can be hard to discern which type of admiration news of your success will evoke. To avoid evoking either altogether, sharing the news with your trusted group of confidants and moving in silence is a wise alternative.

Allows More Genuine Connections

When it comes to connecting with people, some might come into your life for who you are, while others for what you can do for them. What you can do includes social status, opportunities, services, support, etc. By keeping what you are sharing about your success at a minimum, you can minimize those connections based on the latter and more for who you are as a person. Moving in silence allows for the better trust that the people you meet like you for you.

More Freedom

Sometimes when you announce your progress to the world for a while, there are external pressures for you to behave and act in ways that are synonymous with the image they have of you. For example, it might make more sense for you to have roles for jobs, be around certain people, and not others, etc., and when you do not, it might open you up to the opinions of others when you deviate from the picture they have of you. When you move in silence, you can be a chameleon. No one knows what your groups are in. Silence gives you the freedom to maneuver however you like without others standards bogging you down.

Others Do Not Ask Much Since They Know Not What You Have

To clarify, staying quiet about your success is not the same as deceit which I do not recommend. Rather than deceit, saying less relies more on humility and generalizations and allows you to honor your blessings without sharing too much.

I work in shipping allows more room for imagination and humility than I own over [insert impressive value] international shipping companies that gross a [insert impressive amount here]. And although sharing might likely come from a place of understandable pride in your work, aside from the short-term gratification, it will likely result in you being on others radar when they need assistance. And while it does have its benefits like discovering partnerships, creating synergies, etc., if the costs outweigh the benefits, it might not be in your best interest to disclose much, and better to minimize the insight others have into what you have.

Preserve What is For You

If you announce your successes, goals, and intentions, you draw attention to yourself and those goals, creating unnecessary competition. Keeping it to yourself ensures that even if there are hiccups along the way and it takes longer to achieve them, those goals you hold dear are less likely to become the new objective of someone who noticed your proclamation nearby.

Those are a few reasons why moving in silence is wise. Can you think of any other reasons why it might be wise to move in silence? Let us know in the comment section below with the #BlakLotus. We love to hear from you.

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