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Tina Turner Turns 82: Celebrating the Life of the Rock Legend

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Rock n Roll!

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the queen on her day.

Her Everlasting Beauty

Tina Turner is still turning heads at age 82. The icon, known for her trance-like legs, tells Woman & Home magazine her secrets to that everlasting beauty. “My greatest beauty secret is being happy with myself. It’s a mistake to think that you are what you put on yourself. I believe that a lot of how you look has to do with how you feel about yourself and your life.”

Her Resilience

In 1976 Tina Turner overcame the abuse of her husband Ike after a 14-year relationship. The relationship ended after an altercation in Dallas. The two were on their way to a hotel when Ike struck her in the vehicle. After he fell asleep, Tina was able to escape, fleeing to Los Angeles. Her story is important because so many women have gone through similar situations. If Tina Turner had the strength to walk away from her violent situation, others might feel empowered to do so as well.

Her Legacy

Tina Turner’s story is rocky and turbulent, but it’s also impactful and inspiring. Her legacy has touched the lives of many artists, including Queen B herself, Beyonce. As a fan of Beyonce, it’s evident that Ms. Turner was the blueprint. From stage presence down to the costume. Not to mention, they’re not afraid to show off a little leg.

In 2005 Beyonce performed “Proud Mary” for the Queen of Rock n Roll at the Kennedy Center Honors. “You know, every now and then when I think of inspiration, I think of the two Tina’s in my life. That’s my mother Tina and of course the amazing Tina Turner. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you perform. I never in my life saw a woman so powerful, so fearless, so fabulous. And those legs!” she spoke.

Three years later, Beyonce and Tina Turner teamed up to perform “Proud Mary” at the 50th Annual Grammys in 2008. The two, dressed in metallic silver outfits, danced synchronously to the iconic song.

Beyonce also penned a letter to Turner two years ago that read: “To my queen Tina Turner. I have loved you for a lifetime. You have paved the way and made it possible for another country girl to go after her dreams. I’m so grateful for you. I am blessed to have two Tina’s showing me the way. With every ounce of my love and admiration. Beyonce. Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday.”


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