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Who's In Your Circle?

Take a look at your circle. Do the people around you make to feel inspired or happy? In the same way, we surround ourselves with things that bring us joy and benefit our well-being, we must also make sure that the people we form close bonds with bring us joy. Close friendships can shape your life if you have the right circle.

When you surround yourself with people that uplift you, your feelings and thoughts about yourself are affected. The same is true for those that belittle their companions. When people see you in a positive light, the image makes you more likely to work to become the person they see. For example, if your friends see you as reliable or kind, you’ll adopt those traits faster.

Friends share dreams, goals, music, clothes, and hobbies. They influence each other by sharing interests, affecting job choices, spending habits, and life goals. The friends in your circle can affect the career you choose. Your friends may all work in a creative or business field. Their jobs and lifestyle may rub off on you, making you pursue the same career. Finding friends in a career you want to work in can be beneficial new doors will open when you surround yourself with similar people. These friends can refer you to jobs and introduce you to future employers.

How your circle treats each other can impact future friendships and relationships. If your group treats each other negatively and harbors distrust, it can make you wearier in future relationships. A group of friends that trusts, communicate, and looks after one another sets you up for healthy relationships in the future. People in toxic groups tend to stay in the same group or eventually find new friends with the same negative traits. Find friends that uplift and love you.

We find ourselves spending uncountable moments with our friends, but most never think if the time we spend is beneficial. Reflect on how your friends make you feel and what they bring into your life. With friends that gravitate towards chasing their dreams and being dependable, you’ll surely grow to become like them. By developing meaningful friendships, you can invest in your happiness and future.


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