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Who's up next?: Women in Hip-Hop

For years women have been making their contributions to hip-hop. Although rap is a male-dominated genre, countless women have had a hand in pushing the culture forward. Now in the year 2021, we have seen a surge of female rappers make their way onto the scene. From Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat to Mulatto and Coi Leray, who have been growing by the day. Though these women have proven that they can win without male validation, it still feels good to see male rappers show love to the up-and-coming women.

Photo by: Mwabonje

Yesterday NLE Choppa Tweeted, “Yall female artists got next and then some @dreamdoll @BIABIA @lakeyah @coi_leray @dreeydreezy @RubixxRose @RenniRucci @realericabanks and Kaykilo I think I’m missing a few but I got the upmost faith in them keep going.”

He also mentioned Rico Nasty and Flo Milli, which he added later.

Out of the 11 names mentioned, I thought it’d be fun to highlight a couple that sparked my interest.

Flo Milli

Mobile, Alabama

After going viral in 2019 from remixing Playboi Carti’s “Beef,” Flo Milli has been in the conversation ever since. During a conversation with Hot New Hip Hop, Milli talks about the other artists who’ve inspired her and how they shaped who she is today. “Me watching 106 & Park, seeing other female rappers, like it inspired me to really chase after it and stuff.” She also explains why Nicki Minaj is someone she admires. “I love that attitude, the fact that she was so different, because in this industry that’s really what it takes, you know, having your own style, having your own different thing about you. And Nicki was just so different.” Though she’s never met Nicki Minaj, she explains that it’s important for the world to know who inspired her.

Rico Nasty

Prince George’s County, Maryland

Rico Nasty is known for her punk rock aesthetic and bold delivery. After dropping her 2018 breakout single “Smack a B****,” Rico quickly gained attention for her unique style and approach. During her 2019 XXL Freshman interview, Rico shares her inspirations in music. “ Some of the people that inspire me are like Rihanna, Beyonce, SZA because they’re able to make you feel beautiful when they’re sad. And I feel like that’s really fire. I also like Missy Elliot and Eve. Missy’s flow is like super crazy. Her creativity and way of putting things together even if it didn’t belong. Tying the dance moves with the music video. That sh*t was super refreshing to see growing up.”

In my opinion, it’s crucial to have your own identity when you step into the world of show businesses. There are too many copycats and artists who are mimicking a formula that may have worked for someone else. It’s easy to hide in the noise and get by as a mediocre artist, but it takes true talent and courage to stand out and be yourself.

Rico Nasty has proved time and time again that her individuality and talent will no doubt take her far.


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