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'A Sip with Issa Rae' is back

Issa Rae is coming back to YouTube! Unfortunately, there won’t be any new skits on the way (sorry to my ‘Awkward Black Girl’ fans). But if you’re an aspiring creative, I promise you will enjoy this one. ‘A Sip with Issa Rae’ is back!

To prep for the return of her first episode, Issa released a two-minute tutorial to her YouTube channel teaching viewers how to make The Hooligan. The Hooligan is a drink that consists of sugar, water, fresh rosemary, chilled prosecco, vodka, simple syrup and champagne. You take a mixing glass and add 1.5 ounces of simple syrup. Next, add three ounces of vodka, a cup of champagne and stir. Finally, pour it into your glasses. It should be enough for two cocktails. I mean, it is called ‘A Sip with Issa Rae’ for a reason.

RODNAE Productions

If you’re not familiar with the show’s premise, Issa Rae sits down and interviews celebrities, creatives and professionals in the entertainment industry. She has interviewed everyone from P. Diddy to Lena Waithe and Michael B. Jordan.

Issa and her guests sit before an audience filled with aspiring actors, writers, producers and directors while chatting about the exciting success stories of the people many of us look up to today. These stories show that the power of manifestation and hard work are such real things.

During the Tiffany Haddish Interview, Tiffany talks about the importance of being yourself in Hollywood. As someone who has been criticized in the past for being too “ghetto,” the comedian shares her personal thoughts on not compromising who you are. “I always try to figure out how can I be my best self. And then I started saying to myself, ‘you know what when I go into these auditions, I’m just going to be Tiffany Haddish in every damn thing that I do.’ And then I’ll just be the best Tiffany Haddish and try to bring out some of the characteristics that it says in the script and I’m going to have fun,” she says.

Michael B. Jordan talks about becoming an actor at such a young age. Though Jordan first started acting at the age of 12, he shares that he never actually felt like a child actor. “I guess the stigma or the stereotype of being like a child actor or child star because they’re used to seeing people that were like so famous so young and they weren’t really old enough. They didn’t have the emotional tools to handle that type of stardom, so they kind of cracked, or they couldn’t really like handle the growth. But for me, it was always like stepping stone to stepping stone. I never got too much too fast,” says Jordan.

When Jordan was a child, he never envisioned fame. It was something that just happened randomly. He speaks on how the most random encounter changed his life. “My mom has Lupus or whatever. She’s had it for like 30 years, and she was at a doctor’s appointment. It’s one of those random stories. She was at a doctor’s appointment. I was sitting in the waiting room. She came out of her appointment. The receptionist was like, ‘you should get your son into modeling.’ I didn’t think I was a cute kid. I was an awkward-looking kid. You know what I’m saying. Modeling wouldn’t be my first thing. Like okay, he’s going to be a model one day. But I guess the receptionist had two boys, and they were in the industry and at the time, we were living in Newark or whatever trying to make some extra bread. She brought me over to New York. I booked my first audition off the top,” he shares.

You can catch a new episode of A Sip with Issa Rae every Thursday on Issa’s YouTube channel Issa Rae presents. The first episode will premiere on October 21st.


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