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Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

Finding the best eco-friendly can be tricky because many variables come into play when buying clothing. A couple of things that you need to look out for are the prices they are charging, the material/fabrics used, and the company's mission values to make sure they are completely true to being eco-friendly.

It states on Rubicon, that “By 2030, it’s expected that fashion waste will increase to a 148 million ton problem..” That is an insane amount of waste that we are contributing to!

If you want to start buying more sustainable/ eco-friendly clothes or need inspiration, show you some of the best eco-friendly brands.

The first brand is Pact, they are both sustainable and affordable. They have a mission statement on their website and a whole section dedicated to sustainability, talking about their brand, where they stand, and all their qualifications. Their prices range from $20–148, and their sizes run from XS-XXL, which means that they offer items for everyone and have inclusivity with their sizes. They also have clothing for women, men, and children. It states on Sustainably-Chic that “Pact has you covered on any basic piece you can think of…each piece is made from organic cotton.”

Another affordable, eco-friendly brand is Wearall. They offer a huge variety of things to buy, from clothing, jewelry, and accessories to home goods. One unique feature you can choose from is buying the products like usual.

They have two subscriptions that you get as well, this comes with free shipping and returns, personal styling sessions that are free of charge, and 10% off of every purchase. They also have different sections of their website dedicated to different things like black and women-owned businesses, inclusive sizing, and vegan style, to name a few. They also have prices and sizes for every single person.

The next company is revolutionizing something that is amazing. The brand DL1961 is a little more pricey than the previous brands. They are willing to spend their prices starting from $69, which might be out of some of their comfort zones. According to Elle, “Using ‘waterless’ technology, the brand manages to produce its premium, stylish denim using just 10 gallons, of which 98% is then recycled.” All of their denim items are made from recycled yarn, which benefits the ecosystem. They are all around good company helping to save the planet. They also offer a selection of items from jackets, jumpsuits, and jeans, to name a few.

The last company is Pangaia, they are a colorful loungewear brand. Their clothes are made from either feathers from wildflowers or water-saving and biodegradable material developed from eucalyptus pulp and seaweed. They are doing their best to avoid and reduce landfill waste. They have some affordable prices, but most of their clothes are more expensive. It states on Elle, that “This means taking where nature and agricultural waste are abundant, and using technology, biotech, and nanotech processes to augment and facilitate a different function.”


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