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Best Places to Shop in Detroit

Whether you are a local or visiting Detroit for whatever reason and looking for places to buy clothing, Detroit has some incredible shops. Everyone has plenty of options, no matter what style you prefer, your budget for shopping, or who you are shopping for.

According to Visit Detroit, “Metro Detroit offers plenty of places to shop till you drop. The area’s malls offer one-stop shopping with many big-name retailers, while downtown districts offer unique opportunities to shop local.”

1) The Peacock Room

~The Peacock Room is a boutique that has two locations in Detroit. It has a wide range of clothing, but it specializes in vintage fashion, including clothing, accessories, and jewelry. They offer sizes from 0–22; when you step in, you're stepping back in time to the glitzy days. It states on HourDetriot, “This glittery boutique should be top of your list if you’re determined to turn heads at that special event.”

2) Bird Bee

~Bird Bee is located on the edge of downtown Detroit’s capital park.

They have an online and physical brick-and-mortar shop where you get a wide range of things from denim, athleisure, dresses, and shoes. They even have some household items like candles and pillowcases. As stated on Hourdetriot, “It is a must-visit for stylish, on-trend women’s clothing and accessories and gifts…all for the expressive and edgy soul.” Their store has a mix of vintage-inspired, modern bohemian, and contemporary clothing. They have a style that can fit a wide range of styles. They have a small selection of sizes from XS-XL but are a little pricy.

3) Eldorado General Store

~Eldorado General Store is a vintage and consignment shop, they sell a lot of jewelry, skincare products, clothing, and crystals. They have both a storefront and an online shop. The prices are reasonably priced for the things they have in the store. If you are looking for home goods and small trinkets, this shop is for you. It is located in Corktown and has good reviews.

4) Bonobos

~Bonobos is a high-quality, stylish menswear store, they offer a big selection of things for guys, like pants, shirts, outerwear, accessories, and even golfing clothing. If you are looking for something to wear to a meeting or a special occasion, they also have suits and blazers for all events, no matter what it is. They are also affordable price points so that everyone can get something. Per Wanderlog, “Additionally, Bonobos offers in-store fittings so that men can get the perfect look for their own individual style.” If you want to get something tailored, you don’t have to go anywhere.

Several other clothing shops in Detroit may suit you better, but try these out if you are looking for a starting point. Another place to try is the Detroit Fashion Center and malls, they will also have a variety of shops to explore and look at. Detroit is the world's fashion center, meaning they will have something for everyone.

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