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Cicely Tyson's Most Memorable Roles for the Next Generation

With the death of film icon Cicely Tyson, the world has truly lost a legend. Not only did her 60-year career span impact her generation, but for several generations to come. Through her words of wisdom, grace, and loving energy Cicely Tyson became a staple for the Black community. Check out Tyson’s most memorable roles that will always stick with the next generation of Black film lovers.

Cicely Tyson left, starred in the 1977 miniseries "Roots."(ABC Photo Archives)

  1. Roots: Tyson’s role as Binta touched the souls of every viewer in this limited miniseries simply because of her strength and rawness, something a mother will always have when it comes to her child.

Photo - The Playlist

2. The Help: I think we all can relate to the pain we felt for Tyson’s character Constantine as she endured such a major pain and abandonment after all of the care she provided.

Photo - Lionsgate

3. Diary of a Mad Black Woman: There is no surprise that Tyler Perry truly took care of Tyson when it comes to her remarkable roles. Her character Myrtle felt as comforting as our own grandmothers, who want to encourage their child to heal and move forward.

Photo - Sisters Speak

4. Madea’s Family Reunion: I think as a new generation, we all remembered this remarkable moment within this film because it touched generations within minutes. Tyler Perry knew exactly what he was doing when he chose Cicely Tyson to give such a powerful monologue that expressed what we all still need to hear today regarding self-love, integrity, family, and our people's protection.

Cicely Tyson’s legacy has reached generations. Though some of the younger generations may not know all of her early roles, she has still touched many as the loving and noblewoman she has always been and has encouraged others around her through her art to be. “Now is the time to take your place, starting now,” Tyson said.


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