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DIY Small Trinket Home Decor

DIYs are becoming a staple in people’s lives because things are increasing in price. Or you want to find a cheaper way of doing it yourself and how you want it without limitations. You can DIY so many things in your home, from tables, chairs, and mirrors to bigger things like desks, and bookshelves, to name a few. Have you ever made some DIY Home decor trinkets yourself but don’t know where to start? If you want to start DIYing this year, you are in the right place; I will show you a few starter pieces you can do yourself.

There are a few first risks and awards to DIYs, so do things you know you can do to the full extent. According to WNCT, "In 2022, 44% of Americans are doing their own DIY projects to save money by not hiring a professional.”

The first thing you can make yourself is a can webbing bookshelf. If you have lots of books just sitting around your floor or desk, but you want to get something small and unique that can fit into small spaces, then this is perfect. According to Country Living, it states “Trim a piece of caning just larger than the opening on the shelf. Use a foam brush to spread the glue (we used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue) to the back of the shelf opening. Attach caning, holding it in place with binder clips while it dries. Once dry, remove clips and hang the shelf.”

Another common thing that people make for their house is a Quilt Square. Now this does require some time and knowledge of knowing how to quilt. Once you get the hang of it, you will be a quilting master. Quilting is another fun DIY because you can do various designs and make lots of things. According to Country Living, it states that “First, cut a piece of plywood to the desired size. Draw a quilt block on the wood with a pencil, using a ruler or painter’s tape for straight lines, then paint with acrylic paint. Nail strips of 1/2-inch trim along the edges to finish.”

Next, you can make some geometric planters. This will be a perfect little accessory if you love plants around you. These are pretty simple to make, and they can have your small plants in them to sit on your desk or table. It is also a cheap DIY if you are low on cash so anyone could make it. According to DIY Joy, it states “Oh wow, this is such a modern and trendy planter! It makes for such an attention-grabbing piece in your home. They are so beautiful…For cheap DIY home decor, your centerpiece or tabletop decor does not have to look anything but super expensive like these crafty planters.”

The last thing you could make, which is all over the internet right now, is a DIY Starburst Mirror. So many are making these and hanging them near the front of their house or wherever a dresser is. This piece will add some flavor and color to your home. This is another simple and easy thing you can make yourself; look up the directions and things you need to make it.

DIYing is a fun hobby; it helps your bank account, and you can make many things for your house.

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