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How to figure out what color suits you best

Sometimes it is hard to figure out which color suits you best because you may be trying to see what complements your skin tone. It also doesn’t help us much by having dozens of shades of each color to choose from that look the same, like Cardinal and Carmine, which are two different shades of red. If you’ve been stuck figuring it out or don’t know where to start, I will help you.

Figuring out which color best suits you is more than just knowing that darker colors suit darker skin tones and lighter colors suit lighter skin tones. It is knowing which shade is best for you. According to Womanandhome, it states thatYou can wear nearly any color, but placement (as in where and how you wear it) alongside the exact hue is the real trick.” This is because different colors can look better or worse depending on where you are wearing them. Dark lipstick may look fabulous, but red eyeshadow may look too much to you because of its placement. When you are looking for what color is best for you, think about how you wear it and your preference. Don’t ask other people what they think because everyone is different.

Picking out clothing and beauty colors will sometimes be different because certain colors look better on your face than your body. You also don’t want one color overpowering the others by having pink lipstick, eyeshadow, a blouse, and shoes than tan or creme-colored pants. You want the colors to complement each other, look good, and not be too heavy.

While finding the best color for you is about finding the right shade and knowing the placement, the general rule of thumb is to determine whether you are cool or warm-toned. On Showpo, it states, "Warm-toned girls, on the other hand, keep things a little more peachy — with yellow and golden undertones.” If you are looking for a perfect accessory for your outfit, like a necklace or pair of earrings, and you are cool-toned, silver and light gold will usually look better on you. For clothing, dark green and maroon colors will look good on warm-toned skin. Pure neutral colors like black and white will look good on anyone because they will go with anything and everything.

There are a couple of other ways that you can determine what colors suit you best by the color of your veins and whether you burn or tan. Showpo states, “Most people see blue, green, or something in between. Blue tones indicate someone with a cool skin tone, and greenish tones indicate a warm skin tone.”

The two key factors with this are that it all depends on what you like/your preference and skin tone and knowing what colors complement your skin best. At the end of the day, you want to wear things that make you feel beautiful and confident in your skin!

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