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Lead A Healthier Life Today

Eyoel Kahssay (Eyoel_kahssay_photographer)

Taking care of yourself in the current state of the world has never been more crucial. Outside factors like work, global pandemics, and inflation can affect your physical and mental health.

Forming healthy habits can be a simple yet effective way to boost the quality of your life by giving more thought to small things, such as how you manage your time, how you eat, and even how and when you sleep can have an impact on your health.

Here are six habits you can form to lead a healthier and happier life:

1. Exercising

Just Water, 2021

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can have long-lasting effects on your body and mind. Simple things like walking, biking, and even hobbies like rollerblading can be a great place to start without feeling overwhelmed. Getting daily exercise can help to fight off many potential threats. The CDC informs us that being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities (CDC). With regular physical activity, your body and mind will reap the benefits. Exercise can also play a part in relieving depression and helping ease cravings from addictions. Dopamine is released during physical activity, allowing us to feel better during these times.

2. Getting Enough Sleep

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Your body will thank you for going to sleep, and achieving the recommended 7–9 hours is enough to feel well-rested. For those who find it hard to sleep at night, a good habit is turning off electronics an hour before bed and doing a wind-down, reading, taking a bath, journaling, or listening to music to help prepare for bed. Sleep can reduce stress and helps to think clearly in our daily activities.

3. Eating Healthier

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The diet is essential to the functionality of our bodies and minds, although healthy eating is easier said than done. It can be helpful to begin by reflecting on the food and drinks you intake. By reflecting on the food you consume, you can incorporate healthy eating into your daily routine. Eating healthy balanced meals can help your immune system fight off infectious diseases and also help you to feel more energized throughout the day. To feel the full benefits of healthy eating health. org recommends eating a full-color spectrum of fruits and vegetables while also including grains, dairy, and protein for a nutrient-rich diet (

4. Spend The Day Outside

Mick Haupt (@mickhaupt102085)

Going out into nature can bring many physical and mental benefits. Time outside in a natural environment can help you stay active and help to clear your mind. Daily activities like gardening, hiking, and running can help develop a habit of spending time outside. Deciding to spend time outside will bring your mind great relief flowers, trees, the sky, and even animals help to ease and calm the mind from anxiety and depression. The Forest Service U.S. Department of Agriculture States shows many mental wellness benefits associated with being outside in green spaces, such as a lower risk of depression and faster psychological stress recovery (Forest Service U.S.).

5. Drink More Water

Giorgio Trovato (@nice_rcrd)

Drinking water is essential to replenish your body, drinking around four to six glasses daily. Water hydrates and works to regulate body temperature protect organs, promote digestion, and prevent constipation. Without drinking water, succumbing to nausea, low blood pressure, and overall weakness in the body is easy. Drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables rich in water can keep your body regular and hydrated.

6. Give Meditation a Try

Madison Lavern (theyogaresource)

One of the best ways to practice taking care of your mind is through meditation, blocking outside distractions, and allowing you to let go. Meditation focuses on releasing worrisome thoughts and tuning into the breath and body, allowing you to relax your mind and body. According to the mayo clinic, while being a mental meditation still has many physical benefits, meditation can lower heart rates, improve sleep quality, and lowers resting blood pressure. (mayo clinic)

Making any of these a habit will surely help to brighten up your days and allow you to feel your best. Consider taking a step closer to your ideal life by creating a routine based around these tips and tricks.

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