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The Comeback

With a serious car accident, ring rust, and a long time outside of the ring most believed Errol Spence Jr would be a shell of himself. Days after capturing the WBC and IBF welterweight titles from Shawn Porter, Errol Spence Jr had a terrible accident that ultimately ejected him from his Ferrari after multiple flips. Lucky Spence Jr didn’t have any life-altering injuries and managed to make a full recovery. No major injuries and motivated to return back to boxing Errol Spence Jr started his journey this February to regain his dominance.

Most believed that Errol's comeback to the ring should not be against any elite fighters, instead find a tuneup fight to get accustomed to things again. However, he wanted an elite fighter for his comeback and decided to choose the talented Danny “Swift” Garcia as his upcoming opponent. As the fight day got closer and closer most believed Danny Garcia would come out on top because of the idea Errol would not return to his dominant ways.

Errol Spence Jr used all the naysayers and critics' comments on his comeback as motivation. Errol carefully picked apart Danny Garcia, as he nearly won all 12 rounds. Utilizing his jab and never giving Danny a chance to gain any type of momentum was the key to controlling this fight. Not only did he retain his titles but he also showed the world he is back and hasn’t lost a step.

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