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The Dynamic Duo

Photo Credit: GREG WOOD/AFP via Getty Images

As you may know, March is “Women’s History Month”. Women around the world are hard-working, dedicated, graceful, and diligent. Venus and Serena Williams fall into all these categories and more as they have accomplished so much in the sport of tennis. Bringing their own extravagant style to tennis was necessary because they brought flavor to the sport. From their outfits, playing style, and approach to the game were something many people have not seen at that time in tennis.

When you think about the Williams sisters, you need to admire and love the fact that they won 30 grand slam titles combined. Let’s not forget that when these two sisters competed in doubles matches, they accumulated 14 great slam titles. The numbers speak for themselves because the Williams sisters have put their names in the history books forever. I am a person who believes in giving someone flowers while they’re alive. Venus & Serena truly deserve it because they have not only paved the way for the next generation of tennis players but also inspired many.

In sports, we always have conversations about who is the greatest of all time in each sport. There is no doubt that when you think of tennis, you should mention the Williams Sisters for their domination and victories throughout their careers. It’s so incredible for both of these talented women’s careers to evolve as they became professionals at a very early age and they broke records at every step of the way.

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