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The Lost Season

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

With high expectations for the 2020–2021 campaign, the Houston Texan's hopes fizzled like air out of a ballon. A tough start to the season made the organization evaluate from top to bottom, making a change that most Texans fans have wanted years ago… the firing of General Manager and Head Coach Bill O’Brien. Even though this was a major stepping stone, O’Brien already did his damage to the organization by getting rid of De’Andre Hopkins, ultimately dealing away all of their good draft picks in the near future. For most Texan fans the question has to be asked: Where do we go from here?

Even though things may seem dreadful with a 2–7 record, trust me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson on hand and some additional talent, the future may seem bright yet! The first domino to fall that made this team great again was getting rid of a coach who was simply destroying the Houston Texans franchise. Next would be to hire a General Manager and Head Coach that will bring a culture change in the locker room. Once the organization finds those two major positions, the final step would be to put a product out on the field that Texan fans all over the world would be proud of.

As a Texan fan you might be sad, mad, disappointed, or maybe a mixture of all three. But, consider this season like a roller coaster that just had tons of downs. But like any roller coaster, you also have many ups! With a new collection of coaches, fans may never see any more bad days in the Texan organization.

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