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The Punch Heard Across The World

Photo Credit: Getty Images — Getty

If you were under a rock this past weekend you missed the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight. Tyson and Jones put together an impressive fight despite their age. However, Nate Robinson was the topic of every discussion that night. You may be thinking to yourself, Nate Robinson? yes, you read that correctly Nate Robinson. Nate is commonly known for being a three-time NBA slam dunk contest champion and a superb athlete. However, this night all of his accolades were thrown out the window as he became a global meme.

Going into this fight against Jack Paul most believed Nate Robinson would win off pure athleticism. But boy was they wrong as Nate didn’t get a chance to show off his talent as he was knocked out cold in the second round by Youtuber Jake Paul. If you followed Nate Robinson on social media leading up to this fight, you can tell that he had too much dip on his chip. Going into a sport that was practically new to him, there was little to no room to be arrogant especially with an opponent that has more experience than him. Experience prevailed last Saturday as Jake Paul took advantage of Nate Robinson's untimely mistakes. Wild punches lead to Jake Paul knocking out Nate and it wasn’t pretty as he laid on the canvas for about two to three minutes.

Legend has it that Nate Robinson is still sleeping on the canvas till this day. In all seriousness, I hope Nate Robinson recoverers from this embarrassment and shows the world how talented he is. One thing that can be said about this situation is that can play any sport in the world, but you cannot play boxing because it's a hazardous sport that can lead to death and life-alerting injuries.

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