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The Regression of Carson Wentz

Olivier Vernon of the Cleveland Browns sacks Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles during a game in Cleveland, Ohio, on Nov. 22. Photographer: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Week 14 of the 2017 NFL season, second year quarterback Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles has got the team off to their best start in recent years. 10–2 record to be exact, along with 33 touchdown passes, seven interceptions, with 3296 passing yards.

Wentz by many was Odds on favorite to win the MVP award but just in a blink of an eye the trajectory of his NFL career would change forever. Late in the 3rd quarter against the Los Angeles Rams the Eagles are down 24 to 28, Wentz rushes the ball for about an eight yard touchdown to put Philly up in the ball game but in the process , a Rams defender would crush his knee resulting in an ACL tear that would knock Wentz out of the remainder of the season.

Nick Foles, Eagles back-up quarterback steps in for the injured Wentz and delivers Philadelphia its first Superbowl win in franchise history, defeating the New England Patriots dynasty. Foles completed 65% of his passes with four total touchdowns to win not only the super bowls but the game’s MVP award.

Quarterback controversy would ensue, the media would ask the question, fans wanted the answer to which quarterback would be the Eagles future going forward. Foles would start the season but only until Wentz was fully able to compete once healthy.

“Carson’s our guy,” Said head coach Doug Pederson. “Carson was our draft pick. Carson is the guy that is going to carry us and lead this football team."

The Eagles and Peterson remained consistent in their confidence of Wentz, the quarterback made his season debut during week three of the 2018 season against the Indianapolis Colts throwing for him one touchdown and one interception.

Inconsistent play from the Eagles franchise quarterback cost the team dearly, as the super bowl defending champion posted a 5–6 record through 11 games. Wentz’s season was cut short once again when the team revealed he had suffered a fractured vertebrae. He finished the season with 21 touchdown passes, seven interceptions while completing 69% of his passes.

Despite Wentz suffering season ending injuries in back to back seasons, the Eagles organization picked up his fifth year option on his rookie contract and granted him a four year 128 million dollar deal with 107 million guaranteed in July of 2019.

Weeks before the deal was signed Eagles General Manger expressed his desire to make Wentz a lucrative offer on local Philadelphia radio show , SPORTRADIO 94 WIP.

“I have so much faith in Carson Wentz, this guy is going to be a great player for the Philadelphia Eagles for a long time.'

Just months after signing their quarterback to the richest deal in NFL history, the Eagles have a 5–7 record. Wentz play has been up and down, although injuries have decimated the teams receiving core. Excuses don’t work in a city as prideful as Philadelphia, only winning is accepted.

The Eagles won their next four games, to clinch the division and play Seattle Seahawks on Wildcard weekend.

Early in the first quarter of the playoff game Seahawks defensive-end Jadeveon Clowney dives on top of Wentz as he gives himself up on a rushing attempt, leading the quarterback to become concussed and for the third consecutive year Wentz’s body fails him. 27 touchdowns, seven interceptions and over 4000 yards are good numbers to the naked eye but the 63% completion percentages was a step decline in Wentz ability to be accurate such as he was the previous season.

Maybe it’s the pressure to live up to his contract, or the standard of which Howie Roseman set for him, just maybe it’s injuries of the past three years that have finally taken a complete toll on Wentz’s body, that has the Eagles with only three wins and six losses this season.

A career low in completion percentage of 58 percent for Wentz who leads the NFL with 14 interceptions, 10 fumbles, 18 total turnovers and has been sacked 40 times through 9 games.

Philadelphia fans are frustrated, some have called for the benching of their quarterback in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts from Oklahoma who the team selected in the second round in April. All time great quarterback Brett Farve has gone on record and mentioned the Eagles made a mistake not keeping Nick Foles, who the team traded to Jacksonville over a year ago. Head coach Doug Pedersin who’s good friends with Farve strongly begged to differ during the team’s Wednesday news conference.

Listen, everybody is entitled to their own opinion,” said Pederson. “Those aren’t my words, those aren’t Howie Roseman’s words, Jeffery Lurie’s words, those are his words. I respect that opinion. Whatever he wants to say, that’s fine and we’re going to remain friends. It doesn’t bother me one way or another.”

Pederson and Roseman both might have faith in the size of a mustard seed for Wentz, but there shouldn’t be anymore denying the Eagles have a problem at quarterback. Each season since Wentz knee injury, the Eagles record has become worse. Wentz numbers have taken a significant dip across every statistical category. A quarterback in his second year of taking the league by storm now, well on his way to become one of the faces of the NFL is rapidly falling into the abyss of NFL hell.

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