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The United States vs. Billie Holiday: The Life of Entertainers We Don't Know

Photo Credit: Getty Images - Getty

Andra Day has stepped onto the big screen in the new film “The United States vs. Billie Holiday.” Directed by Lee Daniels, the film tells the story of the talented jazz singer's life and her battle with the federal government trying to antagonize her for her iconic song “Strange Fruit.”

The story of Billie Holiday shows the symbolism of why stories like this are necessary for the culture.Stories like Billie Holiday provide insight into her life and discuss how the government treated musicians for speaking their minds through their music.

With so many different films about the past entertainers who came before us, this is the time to inform the next generation about what these performers had to endure to pave the way.

“Whether you are new to the story and legacy of Billie Holiday or know every note she ever sang, I do hope our celebration of this complex woman does justice to a great musical legend and civil rights activist whose artistry resonates as well today, as it did 80 years ago,” Lee Daniels in a news release according to Jazz FM.

Through the trailer, viewers should expect to experience Billie Holiday’s career's good, bad, and ugly.

“Hulu releasing this film and giving it a platform to be seen nationwide is a blessing because, as recent events reveal, our country has much work to do in fulfilling its promise of a more perfect union.”



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