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Trendy Quick Hairstyles for locs

With locs being so versatile it can be hard to think of quick styles that don’t require a stylist. If you’re need of inspiration or just a quick look, check out these cute and quick ideas.

High Ponytail

The high ponytail is a simple and low maintenance look. This look with edges can be done in 15 minutes, by simply applying edge control or water and wrapping your edges with a silk scarf.

Hair Jewlery

Adding jewelry to your locs allows for countless styles. You could add silver cuffs, crystals, gold wrapping, and hair clips to make a new style daily.


The pigtail look is effortless and versatile, you can position your pigtails to either the side or back of the head, while also leaving out a few locs to frame the face however you desire.

Loc Curls

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