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Your New Skincare Routine

Making time for a skincare routine will yield numerous benefits, especially when looking for a healthy beard and a clear face. A daily and nightly routine can help your beard stay moisturized, reduce pimples, and relieve irritated skin. Taking care of the skin underneath your beard is crucial to the overall health of your skin. Incorporating a regimen that nourishes the beard and the skin beneath is most important.

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Beginning with our morning routine;

Krave Beauty

Looking for skincare products with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a substance that the body produces, naturally found in eyes, joints, and skin. Hydrating products tackle the dryness found in most beards. Facial hair traps oil, dirt, pollution, and dead skin cells around the hair follicles, causing clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Washing your face will be the first step to removing these impurities. First, rinse your face with warm water to open your pores for a deep cleanse, and massage the cleanser into the skin under your beard for a more effective clean.

Tips on finding a cleanser;

Find a product that works for your skin type, oily/acne-prone skin, normal skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. These are the types of skin someone can have. Choosing the right cleanser based on your type will improve your skincare routine. Oily and normal skin will benefit from non-comedogenic products that won’t clog pores. For dry skin, try hydrating products that are free of fragrances. If you struggle with sensitive skin, use a creamy facial cleanser with labels like “soap-free” and “fragrance-free” to soothe the skin.

The Ordinary

After cleansing, it’s time to exfoliate, ingredients such as salicylic and lactic acid work to dissolve dead skin cells to present a healthy and clear complexion. Removing dead skin cells can relieve dandruff, prevent cuts and ingrown hairs. You can apply the exfoliant to your face after cleansing and drying while also applying it under the beard.

Tips on exfoliating;

Be sure to use an exfoliator without microbeads. These beads tear into the skin and are most present in facial scrubs. These scrubs cause scarring and are very harsh on the skin. Opt for a serum or powder-to-foam product. Exfoliate once or twice a week. Exfoliating too often can cause stress to your skin, causing breakouts and rashes. Once you’ve revealed that fresh new face, use a moisturizer to nourish your face and beard, and never skip moisturizing after exfoliating if you do, your face will be irritated and dry, leaving the skin worse than when you began. A moisturizer can hydrate the area beneath your beard while making the hair softer, itch less, and look healthier. To further care for your beard, beard oil can help strengthen, soften, and prevent breakage and itching. Applying a few drops to your fingertips, you can massage under the beard and then comb through evenly to distribute.

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Now that we’ve covered the day. Let’s take that sweat off and get ready for bed.

Washing your face twice a day is crucial if you have a beard. The beard has trapped dirt from your day into your hair follicles, causing clogged pores. The chance of clogged pores rises when you sleep with oil and bacteria on your pores, so make sure to wash before bed.

To remove any remaining residue left by your cleanser, use a toner. Toners can help to fight oil, dryness, and irritation. A toner will soothe and restore your skin after it also adds extra hydration to your beard.

To seal in the moisture from the toner, use a night cream, often richer in consistency. A night cream moisturizes the skin on a deeper level and helps the skin and beard continue looking firm. They often contain ingredients that target anti-aging, which reduces wrinkles, sagging and dullness of the skin.

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