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Best Places To Escape City Life

Lili Kovac (@lilschk)

Life in major cities can become overwhelming. With fast-paced lifestyles, crowds, traffic, and stress. Why wouldn’t you want to escape? When the city gets to be too much, consider taking a trip. Escaping into nature or even just a new environment can recharge your battery; a change of pace could be all you need. To escape the city, travelers often opt for national parks, popular hiking trails, cities with large bodies of water, and quaint beach towns.

In this guide, I’ll list cities and countries that will allow travelers to escape their city lifestyle.

Patrick Minero (@patminero)

Lake Tahoe, NV

A huge saltwater lake that stretches across the borders of California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is a perfect summer vacation to escape LA, featuring horseback riding, hikes, kayaking, waterskiing, and crystal clear waters for swimming. And if you have a partner, be sure to take them on a sunset dinner cruise. Even if you’re looking to escape for the winter, Lake Tahoe still offers phenomenon attractions. Tahoe is known for its surrounding mountains that attract thrill-seekers for skiing. If you’re looking for nightlife during your getaway, South Lake Tahoe would be ideal, with a plethora of casinos, bistros, lively bars, upscale malls, and luxury hotels.

Dex Ezekiel (@dexezekiel)

St. George-Zion National Park, UT

St. George-Zion is hikers’ dream, with extensive trails, canyons, large rock formations, and rock climbing. The Red Rock Canyon stretches more than 600 meters deep and gets 300 days of sunshine. Traveling here during winter is ideal when the temperatures are most hospitable. The hiking trails here have the most unforgettable views, with lit-up starry skies. The park’s canyons reach 2,640 ft from top to bottom, perfect for breathtaking pictures with clear blue backgrounds. You can also find the peaceful Angels Landing, which allows for a stunning view down the canyon. Another attraction in the park is Scout’s Lookout, a lookout that can only be reached by climbing. It’s a rewarding climb requiring pulling yourself up by a chain rope.

Hudson Valley, New York

If you’re looking to escape New York City, take a trip to the Hudson Valley. With so many destinations on both sides of the river, it can be hard to choose just one. With quaint Hudson Valley towns, like Hudson, with its high-class restaurants, breweries, and distilleries. For history buffs, you’ll want to visit Hyde Park to visit President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home. With several villages along the River Rhinebeck, it is a standout for its proximity to surrounding villages and stunning views.

James Coleman (@jhc)

Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz is a true and classic California beach town. The famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park was featured in Jordan Peele’s film Us. The boardwalk features tons of retro games, beaches set up with volleyball courts, and waves perfect for surfing. The Santa Cruz Museum Of Art and History is a must-see if you're an art lover. My favorite exhibit recently held there was a collection of various tattoo styles, and the museum often features live music. And if you love animals, check out the Santa Cruz Wharf for seal spotting. For seclusion, which can be hard to find in places like LA, if you want a peaceful place, look for Panther Beach. Panther Beach is a secret amongst the locals, to get to the beach, you have to climb down rocks, which can be difficult when wet.

josh ludahl (@Joshuauous)


Bend is another destination hikers and bikers would love, with endless physical activities. Bikers will also love Bend for its 5,000 gravel paths and 500-plus miles of single track. If the desolate canyons of St. George Zion aren’t your ideal hike, explore the lush green paths in Bend. You can spend weeks exploring the local trails, from riverside strolls, volcano climbs, and alpine treks in the Cascade Mountains. And if you’re into kayaking and paddle boarding, be sure to dip into the Deschutes River.

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