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Essential Wardrobe Colors

There are certain colors that each woman needs to own regardless of the clothing or season. Some colors are very versatile and go with anything like neutral colors, but there are others that only go well with certain colors for multiple purposes. If you are missing out on some necessary colors in your closet or just don’t know which colors to choose then read along.

The first essential color is white, there are multiple variations of the color just like with other colors but the classic clean white will go with anything and everything because it is a neutral color. The one thing to watch for with white clothes is to not wear white on white without another color in the mixture. If you wear a white blouse and white shoes then the best thing would be to wear grey or black pants. Per Design Scene, it states that “White clothing is a good choice for the warmer months, as it reflects the light, which keeps you cooler in the summer.”

The next color is black, black is another color that goes with everything and is a neutral color. Neutral colors like these as well as brown, tan, and beige go with anything and can be used in a variety of ways and styles. Black is something that should be included in our wardrobe no matter what and is usually the color that people cling to the most. The only caveat with black is that it will get you hot fast. As reported on Design Scene, “Black is probably the most flattering shade of color on anyone, as it is slimming and suits just about everyone.” Black and white are two colors that everyone needs to own and is the easiest color to buy.

The next color on the list is red, this color is not very attractive looking it also signifies strength and resilience. In fashion, read resents passion and happiness and is definitely a more boss women color. Unlike the neutral colors, there are only a certain amount of colors that look good with red like black, grey, brown, and yellow as well as some other colors as well. You want to ensure your stick goes well. Pride Magazine Ing states, “If you want to flaunt your feminine charm, you need a killer red outfit.” Red is perfect for any occasion, it looks really good for special occasions, meetings, and dates.

There are several other colors that are essential for any wardrobe but these are the few that you need because they will help you out a ton. Just remember that everyone looks different in certain colors, but neutrals and reds will go great with everything and is a staple for clothing.

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