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How to organize your closet

Organizing your closet can be daunting, depending on how many clothes you have, how you want to organize your closet, and how much closet space you have. You can organize your closet in a couple of ways, whether by style/type of clothing, colors, or even season.

No matter which way you decide to organize your closet, there are set rules and steps that you should follow to organize your closet to help out the best. According to The Spruce, it states that “You should store lesser-worn items like formal wear and out-of-season clothes toward the back and on the upper shelves.”

Before you start organizing your closet, the best thing to do is to declutter and organize your clothes into piles like keep, donate, and throw away. You should do this beforehand because then you know what you are dealing with and the clothes you will wear again. And it will help you out in the end!

1) Store what you wear most within arm's reach

~This is so important because you want the clothes you wear the most to be right there. The best way to do this is to put your most worn clothes in the front section of the closet so that when you open it, it's right there. Or if you have drawers instead of a standing closet, put them in the first couple of drawers.

According to Dash of Jazz, it states that “Fancy gowns and jumpsuits are tucked into one corner of the closet because they aren’t part of my daily looks. The business casual, jeans, and cute little day dresses I wear on the regular are front and center.” Put the most worn clothes in the front, and everything else follows.

2) Separate your clothes into different sections

~Keeping your clothes in different sections, like by season or colors, will help you out so much. You can even do both depending on the clothes you wear, like long sleeve red sweaters and short sleeve floral shirts. This all depends on you and what you want your closet to look like.

On Stylishly Me, it states that “Simply arrange your closet based on your lifestyle and make sure the space you have can accommodate it all, that is the best way how to organize your closet. If your closet doesn’t fit everything, look for storage alternatives such as scarves, leggings, belts, etc. Most of the time, it’s the little things that are hard to organize and that make your closet look messy.” Everyone will organize their closet differently depending on what they like.

3) Invest in some good organizing items

~The final tip for organizing your closet is to invest in some organizing items like matching hangers and/or a shoe rack. It may cost a little bit to get a couple of packs of matching hangs, especially if you get the velvet ones, but it will help your closet look more uniform and nicer looking;

On Stylishly Me, it states that “It’s always a good idea to invest in quality hangers. Not only do the hangers themselves last longer, but the clothes you hang on them will too. There’s no need to run out and buy them all at once. “


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