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Matching Clothes with Mood

Our mood constantly changes throughout the day, there might be certain things that come up that affect our moods even more. With that, there are certain colors that you want to try to match your mood. Your mood can also affect your outfit choice/what you want to wear. Some colors have multiple meanings but if you want to match your clothes with your mood, then sit back and I’ll show you.

If you wake up in the morning and feel calm and at peace, then the colors you should try to wear our greens and blues. If you don’t have a plain green or blue blouse or shirt, you can also wear a piece of clothing that has multiple colors but the green or blue is more prominent than the other colors. Or you can wear a necklace that colors to give make it pop out. As stated in The Good Trade, “More muted or light hues can invite a quieter and softer posture, while bolder shades can bring out more energy in the environment or yourself..” Depending on the way you feel and what you want to show to people, you can choose a darker or lighter shade of color.

Purple is a color that is mainly represented with wealth and royalty, it is also a color that can give you the same feeling as red clothing because it is a deeper color. Purple is generally a feminine color, but if you’re a guy and want to wear purple, you can always have a purple tie or even wear a more muted purple color. Both purple and red are colors that make a statement and make you stand out. Per The Good Trade, “Wear purple when you want to feel unique or special.”

Colors like orange and yellow are more vibrant colors that mainly associate with happiness and warmth. These colors showcase that you are feeling good about yourself and that you are a happy and cheerful person no matter what comes up. If someone were to see these colors in your closet, they would get the assumption that you either like these colors or that you want people to see that you are happy. Reported on Little River Clothing, it states that “These bright colors naturally pop out and are linked to increasing attention and awareness.”

These are just some of the colors that will showcase how you feel wherever you are going. Neutral colors like black, white, and tan don’t really convey anything, they are just essential colors to have and wear no matter what. The thing to remember this that the lighter and more vibrant the color, it will represent happiness. While the darker color is, it will represent deeper and darker moods. This also depends on the person and where you are going. For the majority of events, these rules will apply.

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