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Model, Rockie-B., Makes Her Designer Debut With LaCasa NeAngels at the 6th Annual ‘Rags $2 Riches Detroit’ Thrifted Fashion Show & Gala Showcase

The 6th Annual Rags $2 Riches Fashion Show Gala was held Sunday, February 25 at the Jam Handy, a gothic-revival performing arts space and art gallery in New Center, Detroit repurposed from a historically significant relic of Detroit’s bustling film industry. This year, each thrifted and up-cycled look was sourced from one of the largest thrift stores in the Southeast and long-time event sponsor, The Salvation Army — and curated by fashion show producer and fashion creative, Stephanie ‘The Bag Ladie’ Bedell with the evening’s theme; ‘Evening Wear With a Twist’ interwoven throughout each look.

Inspired to create the Rags $2 Riches Detroit Fashion Show and sustainability showcase in 2019 as a birthday celebration, Stephanie Bedell, professionally known as The Bag Ladie, is a Detroit-based wardrobe stylist with a focus on plus-size fashion, who has also worked as a marketing manager for the clean luxury, ready-to-wear brand William Palmer Hommé whose accessories were intelligently styled throughout this year’s show.

To combat the effects of global warming brought on by “fast fashion” and to debunk common misconceptions of what can be found at the thrift store, the Rags $2 Riches Detroit Fashion Show uses thrifted fashion to inspire its attendees to re envision their wardrobe and personal connection to clothes that may have been pre-loved.

The 6th annual Rags $2 To Riches Detroit Fashion Show experience opened with a strolling fine art presentations from Love Hartfield. In the middle of the venue’s romantic industrial interior, sat the annular labyrinth style seating arrangement surrounding the singular, circular platform in the center to make way for the parade of models and give a complete 360 degree view of each look.

Hosted by well-known fashion stylist and the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards 2024 Stylist of the Year — Marv Neal, the fashion showcase included a special designer debut from one of Detroit’s beloved fashion models and art enthusiasts, Rockie B. –owner and designer of LaCasa NeAngels. The new fashion maison specializes in couture designed from thrifted garments. The capsule presentation featured fluid textures, vivid patterns, and ethereal movement from flowing satins and floating organzas. The opera-length gloves, perfectly tailored slacks, and perfectly-paired William Palmer Homme accessories completed the sexy yet sophisticated styling of the debut collection. This introduction to the LaCasa NeAngels brand was a proud and triumphant moment for the emerging designer.

After the final showcase segment, the event closed out with a lively post show gala and robust dining experience featuring a performance from Ahzy and B. Higgs of The Collection — a local R&B duo.

Over the years the Rags $2 Riches Showcase has grown into an event highlight on the Detroit Fashion calendar. Bedell continues to showcase the practical luxury and elegance of upcycled fashion in Detroit. Her innate ability to identify hidden gems within thrifted fashion and use statement designer pieces to create visually stunning runway looks that are also on-trend is elevated with each year, as evident in this year’s stunning presentation.


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