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Say Hello To Detroits Budding Designers

Detroit is a city known for consistent evolution and progress, the artist feed off of the energy that surrounds them. A city known for social justice movements, innovation, and adaptability is a clear breeding ground for new black designers. Designer masks, political clothing and sustainable garments are born from our designers needs to invoke change in our community.

Bryan Wilson: 1DERFUL

Bryan Wilson (@1.derful)

Bryan Wilson is a rising designer studying at U of M in the Stamps School of Art and Design program. Wilson’s designs invoke feeling in his viewers, making them question the human life. By placing the human anatomy on display in his garments to touch on morality, he allows his viewers to ponder how far they would take their moral beliefs. Wilson believes that we all have morals and that any one of us can fall victim to them.

Bryan Wilson (@1.derful)

Most notably, Wilson recently showcased his designs in the 2022 Michigan Fashion Week show, making this his debut in the fashion industry.

Quandel Wright: William Palmer Homme

Quandel Wright (@WilliamPalmerHomme)

Emerging designer Quandel Wright, primarily a men’s luxury fashion designer, decided to elevate his brand into women’s luxury handbags. Wright released the acclaimed amore bag in 2021, selling out within two hours. The amore bag had a notable effect on the fashion community in Detroit, popularity for the bag rose to the heights of Telfar and Homage Year. In 2022 Wright introduced “Lexus X WPH” his newest capsule collection. Additionally, William Palmer Homme was showcased at the Michigan Fashion Week Show.

Denerio Watkins (RioViisuals)

The story behind Wright’s life is what drives the brand. In an interview with SEEN Magazine, in which he states “Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money or own any name-brand clothing, and because I was bullied a lot for that, I’d always think up my own stuff that I could have one day (Alexander,2022).” This desire for lavish items shows in his handbags, the pyramid-shaped bag with bold colors in blue, pink, green, and purple is a unique product. The design of the pyramid pairs well with his line of clean luxury clothing, with the pyramid being an aesthetically pleasing vision.

Denerio Watkins (RioViisuals)

Lola Lucania Black: Lucania Lavish Couture

Anthony Morgan

Lola Lucania released her couture brand Lucania Lavish Couture in March of 2021. Lucania is an impressive new designer, from knowing nothing about how to sew in 2020 to a collection in the 2022 Michigan Fashion Week show with her designs. Lucania is a designer to look out for in Couture fashion, it takes to be a self taught seamstress and business owner.

Dwane Pugh

Focusing on body positivity, Lucania focuses on creating elegant and creative wear that can also be functional at the same time. Her designs are custom-made for clients allowing them to create a look that suits them best. She knows first hand the most important part of feeling confident in your skin is feeling comfortable.

This designers work can be found in Paris Fashion Week, and purchased online on Instagram and Amazon.

Calla Capture (@calla_capture)

LaTerry Ya’seen: Sew Modest

LaTerry Ya’seen (@sew.modest)

LaTerry Ya’seen brings bold colors and innovative designs to a thought-provoking collection, Ya’seen challenges the narrative of what it looks like to be in love with your body. Pushing the envelop with her clothes, she seeks to shine a light on the fashion industry and it’s mistreatment of women.

Denerio Watkins (RioViisuals)

Where others say, barely all Ya’seen seeks to show that you can find beauty, strength, and confidence without showing skin. In an interview for her place in the Michigan Fashion Week show, Ya’seen expresses that “The fashion and beauty industry has taught us that we cover up the things that we are ashamed of (MIFW,2022).”, she pushes this notion with the Modest Couture Collection.

Denerio Watkins (@RioViisuals)

Detroit is becoming a place for designers to grow. The fashion industry has found a home in a city known for manufacturing change, while the city changes our designers and their creations will change in turn. This constant evolution will ensure Detroit’s artists have a city where they can create and be inspired.

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