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The Prime Way: HBCU's Tap Into the NFL Hall of Fame

Eric Shelton/The Clarion-Ledger

Deion Sanders is renowned as one of the best cornerbacks to have played football. After commentating for many years on the National Football League Network, the man they call “PrimeTime” decided to embark on a new adventure, which is coaching. With Deion’s resume, he could virtually go anywhere and become a head coach, but it feels amazing that he’s decided to become the next head coach at Jackson State University. What makes this decision so special is that this illustrious university is a historic Black College and the culture corresponds to the flamboyant style of Deion.

As the South Western Athletic Conference season draws near, Deion Sanders and his staff are rapidly forming a team that the surrounding community will love to watch. This is not your regular football team as Coach Prime seeks to create a powerhouse for the next years. If you were under a rock the last few months, Deion sanders has attracted numerous highly touted recruits that you would normally see play for a division one college football team. This not only helps Jackson State University, but it also helps HBCUs across the country because athletes are now more likely to turn to black colleges. Some would say that Deion Sanders finally equalized the playing field with the recruits selecting an HBCU or an elite division one program.

Something like this has never occurred, as we see a Hall of Famer wants to make the football program better at an HBCU. But, he also wants to make the players into men. There is no doubt that Deion knows actually what it takes to make it to the next level and he cares about the players off the field too. This is actually why Deion set up a staff who played in the NFL so they could pass on the information they have learned over the course of their careers. This season is going to be monumental and we cannot wait to see what is in store for this Jackson State football program.


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