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Tips for taking care of clothes

When you either buy new clothes or just wear the clothes you already have, the next best thing when having clothes is making sure you are taking good wearing them. There are certain things you need to do in order to make your clothes last and be wearable for a long time. Maintaining your clothes is very essential and can vary depending on the type of clothes that they are. If you are needing some tips to help you take better care of your clothes, then listen up.

Tips for taking care of clothes

The first tip is to treat your delicates like delicates. This means that when you are washing or drying your delicate clothes, you need to make sure they are only washing delicates with delicates and reading the tags on them to see what you need to do. When washing or drying delicates with other clothes or the wrong way, you will mess up the fabrics and are affecting the length of the clothes this is especially for swimwear. According to NY Times, “Wash by hand and never put in the dryer. “On a few lazy occasions, I have tried putting intimates in the machine, and the elastic is never the same.” If at all possible, you shouldn’t use the dryer because it will mess up the clothes. An alternative to traditional drying is to hang your clothes on a line and air dry them.

The next tip is to hang your clothes up properly, when you put your clothes on the right hanger that will help to avoid wrinkles and can be put away neatly. There are certain clothes that don’t need to be hung up like T-shirts and shorts but blouses, dresses, and dress pants need to be hung up and not stored in a dresser. Reported on Earth Day, “Hang on wooden hangers to avoid misshapen shoulders. Fold arms cross-wise over the shoulders.” Different clothes need different hangs, you don’t want to put dress pants are a blouse hanger because that will cause wrinkles and creases in the pants. Make sure to buy the right kind of hanger, that isn’t too cheap.

The last tip is to wash clothes infrequently and at the right temperature. This depends on the clothes you are though, the clothes that are worn close to your skin like undergarments and under tees need to be washed more frequently than clothes that are layered up like sweaters, jackets, and some blouses. Make sure that you are washing clothes at the right temperature as well because this will damage the clothes as well. Per Two Thirds, “Try to wash your clothes as infrequently as possible to preserve their quality. Spot clean stains and air out garments to freshen them up.” Another little tip is to separate your clothes when washing them either by colors, fabrics, or type of clothing.

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