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Top Luxury Investments

Luxury items can post a pretty penny depending on what it is that you are buying and where you are getting it from. There are several luxury items out there, that are worth it and others that aren’t but it is all up to you. Spending a couple of hundred or thousand dollars on one item may be way out of your price range but if you just want to look into some items or have the money to buy luxury items then here a couple of items that may be worth buying. Everyone is different, so an item that is worth it or essential for one person may not be for another person.

The first luxury item is a little black dress, this is an essential item that every single woman needs in their wardrobe because it can be worn on a lot of occasions and is a staple for every outfit. There are a lot of places that sell black dresses, you may have to go to different places to find the perfect dress for you. You can even buy one from a regular reasonably priced store and then another one from a luxury shop. It states on Clever girl finance that “Because these are so popular, it’s pretty easy to find a designer dress that will be perfect. To save yourself some money and still look great, check Poshmark or The RealReal.” There are several places you can go to either online or physical stores to buy this.

Another luxury item that is worth buying is a good pair of heels. Heels are an essential item just like a black dress because you can wear heels to almost anything you go to whether it is a party, meeting, or going out with friends. The type of heel that you have will determine where you wear them. As mentioned in Clever girl finance, “Go for a design between 1 and 3 inches that will be easy to wear all day. A neutral color like black or tan will go with everything, too.” The key to buying heels is comfortability vs fashion statement, this means buying heels that are comfortable and not too high rather than heels that are shiny, expensive, and uncomfortable.

Another luxury item that is worth buying is a nice handbag or purse. Purses are something that we take everywhere we go and are always in our possession. Purses are something that can cost a little more than people usually have to spend but it is totally worth it. If you don’t have the money to buy a purse from Hermes or Gucci, a lot of stores have a small selection of purses that may include some name-brand purses or you can even go online and shop there. According to She Is Ryan, it states that “So what you wanna do is learn to invest in luxury accessories that aren’t trendy. Instead, look for bags that are in classic colors, shapes, and brands that hold their value.” Purses are definitely essential even if you have only one luxury purse, it will be worth the money that you spend on it.

The last luxury item that is worth buying is a nice, name-brand watch. This is something that some people may not want to spend a lot of money on but a nice watch can elevate an outfit no matter what it is. There are so many different name-brand watches out there like Rolex, just make sure you know the difference between fake and real luxury watches and keep an eye on sales and prices. As explained by She Is Ryan “If you plan to buy a watch I highly recommend doing months of research and learning about watches.” Watches are something that is nice to have but depends on what you want to spend a couple of hundred on because they aren’t cheap at all.

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