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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

It is commonly known that eating healthy on a budget is expensive because finding food to buy is more expensive than meat. This is not true because meat is one of the most expensive things to buy, especially now these days, so you would be saving money every time you go to the grocery store. You don’t have to eat healthy at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.

Here are a couple of simple tips and ways if you want to start eating healthy on a budget:

The new way that people are eating healthy on a budget is meal prepping/planning your meals ahead of time. This helps you out in multiple ways because you know what you have and don’t have, making your trip to the store easier. It will also save you money because you are only buying what you need or nothing extra. It states on Forbes that “Meal planning not only makes it less likely that you’ll resort to pricey takeout food, but research shows it may also help to cut down on food waste.” Meal prepping has lots of positives for eating on a budget, when you meal prep, you are sticking that meal(s) throughout the day.

Along with meal prepping, another way to eat healthy on a budget is to stick to your list and don’t deviate. When you know what you need to buy, write it out, and stick to it, you are helping yourself not to buy extra foods that you don’t need. It also states on Forbes, “See which ingredients you can mix and match from your list…Condense your list further by seeing which ingredients you may already have or want to substitute..”

Sticking to your list is much harder than it looks because there will also be things that seem appealing to you, especially on an empty stomach. This is why you need to eat before going to the grocery store, go with a buddy, and always stick to your list.

The last tip for eating healthy on a budget is knowing how to shop for each group. Knowing the best buys and bargains for specific foods will help you in the long run. Certain foods, like frozen and pre-packaged foods, will cost less than fresh or organic foods. It states on the Mayo Clinic Health System that “Buy 100% whole grain. When grains are on sale, stock up and freeze them…Shop for items in season and buy only what you need.”

These are for grains and vegetables, but there are rules that apply to meats, like buying meatless options is healthier and less expensive than pork and chicken. Meat has always been one of the most expensive foods to buy in stores, no matter where you go, so make sure you look at the prices and other options available.

The prices of things are forever changing, so you have to be on the lookout and search around. These are a few ways that you can use to eat healthy on a budget, but it is ultimately up to you!


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