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Living Intentionally in 2023

Living more intentionally is a common New Year goal; people want to figure out how they can live their lives deliberately with everything they do. Living your life intentionally means living your life aligned with your values and not being centered around what others are doing.

Ways to start living more intentionally

Defining your purpose and goals is the first way to live intentionally this year. Goal setting and knowing your priorities for a specific time are important because you know what you want in life. Whether that is your day, week, month, or year, it will help you set your mind straight. Balance through Simplicity states, “They remind us that we’re still individuals in our own right, as well as being a parent, a partner.” No matter where you are, setting goals and priorities and writing them down can help you live more intentionally and stress a little less.

Goals and priorities will differ for everyone depending on certain factors in your life, like your age, economic and financial standing, and your personal life. But no matter what, writing your goals is essential in life.

Another way you can live more intentionally the rest of the year is by tuning out the noise around you physically and mentally. Some distractions may stop us from living our lives more intentionally. The main ones are social media opinions on things we do. When we keep on listening to what other people who may not even know us say about our lives, we rely on what they say over what we think and know ourselves. Social media has become something that can hinder our lives because we need the opinions and attention of other people.

As stated in Psych Central, “Try to pause, and identify the biggest distractions in your life, and consider limiting or letting them go altogether.” We need to block and tune out all of the unnecessary distractions in our lives, like social media and people’s opinions, and live life how we want to.

Another essential to living more intentionally this year is giving yourself a break. There are more disadvantages than advantages to constantly doing things throughout your day without taking a break. We will quickly burn out and feel more stressed if we don’t take breaks occasionally, even for fifteen minutes. Taking breaks is absolutely necessary for everyone because we all need to take a breather or even a nap when doing things throughout the day.

As mentioned in Psych Central, it states that “Living with intention also means being patient and compassionate with yourself and leaving room to make mistakes.” While being intentional this year, we must also realize that everyone makes mistakes and don’t be hard on ourselves when something falls through the cracks. We need to be patient and loving to ourselves every day with everything that we do.

In Conclusion, we need to know what we want to achieve, tune out the noise, and take breaks. As stated in Lucemi, being purposeful with our lives helps us build a positive mindset and become more present.

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